Longnose Hawkfish Reviews

Facts & Details

The Longnose Hawkfish is colored in a red and white netted design. They have a long needle nosed snout which they use in the wild to pull food from tight places. The Longnose Hawk has lots of personality and loves to use its eyes to watch everything that goes on both inside and outside the aquarium. These fish have large pectoral fins which they use to perch on rockwork, gorgonians, and substrate. They will hop from spot to spot in full view waiting to be fed. They make excellent additions to any tank. These fish are solitary in the wild and only one should be kept per tank.The family of Hawkfish are a group of bottom dwelling fish that lack swim bladders. This causes these fish to find areas of coral, sea fans, and rock where they can perch and wait for food to float by. They have a curious nature and their eyes will usually follow you wherever you go.