Midas Blenny Reviews

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  • Very Nice Fish

    Posted by mrsmith

  • Playful, Peaceful, Swimmer
  • Can be hard to make sure it gets enough to eat...has trouble grabbing a lot of food like a lot of blennies with the way it's mouth is shaped.
  • This is a very nice fish and the colors pop once you put it under your tank lights.  It also sems to like swimming around alot instead of just perching like a bi-color blenny.  If you are wanting a peaceful and colorful fish, this is the one for you.
  • GREAT Fish!

    Posted by geojohn9

  • I absolutely love our Midas Blenny.  It is very active in the tank and gets along with other fish, inverts and coral.  Very easy to take care of and looks great in the tank!  Ours is always swimming around in the tank. 
  • Active fish

    Posted by huiskopen3

  • This fish is docile, active, and visible. Nice pink color, flashy tail.
  • None.
  • The Midas Blenny in my opinion is a friendly independent fish that is generally happy overall.  Mine has found a few holes in live rock that it has made its home.  If spooked, it will dart to one of these holes and poke its head out for awareness.  It is visible and swimming about 90% of the day.  It doesn't harass any other fish in my set up.  I really like this fish!

Facts & Details

The Midas Blenny is a stunningly beautiful Blenny that is usually dark yellow in color, including streaks and color variations of blue and gold throughout its body. They have an elongated thick body with a large head and large dark eyes. These fish will change their colors depending on mood, feeding time, hiding, etc. They are voracious eaters and love lots of rockwork, crevices, and caves to hide in. When they feed they will swim all the way out of their hole and quickly eat as much as they can. They are great for reef tanks and will accept most fish foods.The Blenny Family is commonly confused with the Goby family. The Blennies are distinguished by their single continuous dorsal fin and habit of resting on the bottom with their body curved. These fish will usually have tiny appendages on the top of their heads called "cirri". Some Blennies inhabit tidal pools where the water is warm and shallow. They have incredible jumping ability and are known to jump from pool to pool, which lends to the other name they are known as: "Rock Skipper". Other Blennies are found hiding in crevices and caves at coral reefs. These fish have blunt heads and their teeth are combed, giving them the ability to scrape algae -- their primary food source -- from rock surfaces.Photo by saltwaterfish.com member, GeckoPSU.