ORA Aquacultured Mandarin Dragonet - Spotted Reviews

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  • Great Alternative to Wildcaught Mandarins

    Posted by simplymegann

  • Already weaned to eat frozen and pellets
  • Hefty price tag and are very naive and shy when introduced to the tank
  • These fish are a great alternative to their wild caught counter parts, since they have been weaned to eat frozen and pellets. These fish will eat copepods and need to be fed at 3 small meals daily. They also need a well established tank.   Now, they have lived their entire life in captivity and caution needs to be taken when placing them into the reef environment. I would not recommend placing them in a tank environment that has inhabitants that are known for bullying fish. It does take time for them to come out into the open, but they do eventually open up.   I highly recommend the ORA fish for the following two reasons: 1) They are ORA fish and have been bred in captivity. 2) They have less demanding feeding needs than their wild caught counterpart.
  • ORA Target Mandarin

    Posted by gregoriohoga922

  • Fast shipping
  • Terrible condition
  • Picked up my CB Target Mandarin from our FedEx station this morning. To say I'm disappointed about the condition of this fish is putting it mildly. I've yet to see a fish so skinny and still living. I don't know how Saltwaterfish.com can ship let alone sell a fish in this condition. I'm heart broken!!!

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The ORA Aquacultured Mandarin Dragonet - Spotted is a great alternative to purchasing wild caught mandarins. They are already weaned to eat frozen food and some pellets. These fish have a tendency to be shyer and more naive than their wild caught counter parts.

 ORA Aquacultured Mandarin Dragonet - Spotted

ORA Aquacultured Mandarin Dragonet - Spotted

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