ORA Sea Lettuce Reviews

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  • Tangs love it!

    Posted by huiskopen3

  • great food source
  • usually have to throw some out and cant use it all...
  • This algae is great for Tangs and Angelfish.  They readily eat it in my tank.  I haven't had luck in keeping it for over a few days at a time though.  It really is not a "growable" algae in my opinion.

Facts & Details

Ulva lactuca is a thin flat green algae. For the refugium sea lettuce makes an excellent fast-growing nutrient exporter, and doubles as food for herbivores and copepods. Lettuce can exist in a refugium without being tumbled in high circular flow, but does best when it spins and all areas of its biomass are constantly exposed to light and nutrients. This algae can tolerate both very low and very high light levels, and can live through hypo- and hypersalinity treatments in quarantine and hospital tanks.