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Facts & Details

The Orangeback Basslet is marked with dark orange spots and markings on its body, and along its back. They have two distinguishing square shaped orange spots right behind each eye, which are outlined in black. These fish like to perch and swim around sandy bottoms and rockwork. They also like to find a crevice or hole towards the bottom that they can call home. They are great for reef tanks and will accept most fish foods. Keep only one per tank and do not mix with other Basslets or Dottybacks.The family of Basslets are closely related to Seabasses, which include Groupers.These relatively small fish are usually very colorful in nature and have large eyes.The Basslets are often found along reef walls in both shallow and deep waters. These fish spend their lives mostly hidden within small recesses which they rarely venture far from.These Basslets are often found along the bottom or in dark caves.

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