Royal Gramma Reviews

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  • Awsome

    Posted by firdahunt

  • Great Fish
  • Finicky
  • Great little fish that brings life to your tank!!!!!
  • Bold Fish with Bright tendencys

    Posted by bessies

  • Colorful, Great eater, Didn't pick on other fish
  • Picked on by my clownfish
  • Even though he could hold his own, he was a target of my female clown fish. He would hide from her from time to time. He lived in my tank for 2 years, then gave it up.. Very Bold fish and very nice to look at. They inspect a lot of things with their eyes, and you can gage where they are looking because of the lines that run across the eyes. 

Facts & Details

The Royal Gramma is such an amazingly beautiful fish with its bright purple front half and super yellow rear half. Their beauty and ease of care lends them to being a staple in every saltwater aquarium store. These fish prefer lots of rockwork and crevices where they can hide -- then jet out to grab a morsel of food. These fish make tremendous additions to reef tanks. Keep only one per tank and do not mix with other Basslets.The family of Basslets are closely related to Seabasses, which include Groupers.These relatively small fish are usually very colorful in nature and have large eyes.The Basslets are often found along reef walls in both shallow and deep waters. Thesefish spend their lives mostly hidden within small recesses which they rarely venturefar from.These fish spend their lives mostly hidden within small recesses which they rarely venture far from.Photo by member, TeresaQ: Teresa Quick.