very agressive very hardy

Pros: beautyfull fish

Cons: cant keep anything with it.

this is the most agressive fish this hobbie has to offer. this trigger will attack and kill anything that moves in your aquarium. including power heads... this trigger like all others should be feed a lot whyle it is little wich is any size below 5''. i would feed at least 4 different foods to keep it happy and healthy. this trigger needs a 75 gallon minimum. and ALWAYS keep thois trigger alone, if you put another fish with it it will be killed rather quick. there have been times when people wher able to keep this trigger with other fish for a little bit but in the end it will be alone. this fish is responsable for many hobbiest give up because they kill everything. also keep in mind your hand is at risk when doing tank matenince. but over all good water hidding places and lots of food and loonlyness is all this trigger needs. as usual all invers will be eaten. engoy your very pritty trigger(pitbull fish)