Aggressive Butthead

Pros: Beautiful Fish, Very Active

Cons: Immediately went after my Firefish and chased my Diamond Watchman Goby, and Scissortail dartfish began nipping at my Torch Corals

Okay to be fair, I did put this guy in a 36 gallon tank with a Purple Firefish, a Green Mandarin, a Diamond Watchman Goby and a Scissortail Dartfish.  So I know I didn't have the best recipe for success with this guy.  That said, almost immediately after I put him into the tank, he insisted on chasing the Purple Firefish the moment it poked it's head out of it's cave.  So, I didn't even get a "honeymoon period" with this guy.  For a few days it was just the purple that was being targeted, but eventually it began herding and intimidation behavior towards my Goby and then took some really good nips at my scissortail (but my Scissortail was too quick for him).  About the only fish he didn't bully was the Mandarin, which he actually seemed to like.  He would snuggle up to her and give a gentle rub before moving on.  I ended up having to trap him (was able to do so with a home made water bottle trap which worked great and take him to my LFS.   A very beautiful and active fish, but definitely not for smaller tank or to be kept with Peaceful/Easily intimidated fish.  I might give a Flameback a try at some point, but never another Flame Angel in a sub-50 gallon tank.