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  1. Yeffre
    Returning to reefing after almost 10 years
  2. silverado61
    Going to slowly get back into the hobby with my old 72g
  3. jay0705
    Patiences is a virtue, in salt water it is a necessity
  4. jay0705
    Patiences is a virtue, in salt water it is a necessity
  5. BenjaminsWinn
  6. Alejandro Lavandos
    Alejandro Lavandos
    I like photography. It keeps me sane and happy. I dont take photos I feel them. =]
  7. Ashleyrose
    Trying to sell my Gold nugget maroon clown fish. Any suggetions on how to go about this. My local fish shop wants to rip me off onthe price
  8. kunathm
    long time desire for a reef tank finally got started !
  9. ginap70
    New Hobbyist
  10. snakeblitz33
    snakeblitz33 jay0705
    So when were you made admin?
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    2. jay0705
      Agreed. When i started on this it was loaded with folks. I miss chatting with alot of them
      Jul 20, 2017
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    3. snakeblitz33
      Lol, there were a hundred times as much 13 years ago when I joined. Times change.
      Jul 20, 2017
    4. jay0705
      Agreed. Its weird, sw is getting easier and easier you would think more people would be into forums. Even a fb forum iam on has slowed way down
      Jul 20, 2017
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  11. Alex88
    Alex88 meowzer
    hello, I'm having a problem with my sump putting in water into my tank but not receiving any back. I have filled it up to the recommended level but it just gets drained into the tank and doesn't flow back into the sump. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  12. dangerfish
    Just a 16-year-old rookie paying for everything for my 90-gallon reef tank with my minimum wage job.
  13. SaltTankNewbMaster
  14. McJagger
    Blue Reef Chromis? I'm looking for accurate data on this fish. Is this fish PEACEFUL or DEADLY
  15. LaryeOtukpe
    I received those free frags. How long does it take for them to open?
  16. Tribefan2017
    I just set up a 55 gallon saltwater tan which will later be a reef tank, I want to purchase 50# of fuji live rock, can i just put in tank
    1. Tribefan2017
      without re-curing the rock
      May 31, 2017
  17. KeishFaneish84
    Hello everyone! My name is Keish familiar with the hobby new to the forum!
  18. beth
    beth Amy1987
    Hi Amy. Best to use a feeding tong to feed morays. Please post in our forums directly to be sure that you get help. Sometimes we miss posts in individual profiles.

    By tongs, I mean something like this which you will likely find in your local fish or pet supply shops.
  19. Amy1987
    Hey, I got a Moray eel and I'm new to all this I got frozen mussels was told she'd eat those how do I go about feeding these to her
  20. ladyreefseeker
    I will be in contact next week. Thanks!