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    Macroalgae ID

    My preference is the compost heap. It's outstanding fertilizer for tomatoes.
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    Macroalgae ID

    fCouple notes from my experience. Trim out the older stems, not the new growth. Trimming the new growth causes it to halt growth for a couple days and it is the growth of the algae that consumes the Phosphates and Nitrogen. This also reduces the risk of sporulation. If you see the stems of...
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    Sugar dose post cycle

    Do you have anything in the tank for bacteria to colonize on?
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    So. Who are you voting for?

    I'm going to write in Beaslbob.
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    possible green fish choices

    These guys could not be easier to care for. They mostly just sit around but they do have some good personality.
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    Macroalgae ID

    I adamantly do not agree with this. The reason is that denitrifying bacteria and nitrifying bacteria are pretty much opposite in preferred real estate. Nitrifying bacteria require highly oxygenated areas and denitrifying bacteria require lowly oxygenated areas. I will agree that if a...
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    Sugar dose post cycle

    Still Ghost feed. I would also suggest either getting a new Nitrite test or just stop testing it and ignore it. I do not believe you are getting accurate results with your Nitrite test and that is worse than not testing it at all. (Not true for other parameters...)
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    Macroalgae ID

    First one is Caulerpa serrulata.
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    What is this???? Shrimp baby hitchhiker???

    Common Gammarid Amphipod. Good fish food.
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    Inverts and Corals Keep dying...... Any Ideas???

    Limewater doesn't contain any Magnesium, it must be some other additive, or perhaps a bad batch of salt. I question how Alkalinity could stay normal with Calcium so high but I suppose it's possible with such a high Mg level.
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    new need info

    Half of those fish will typically eat the other more docile fish. Per haps with a huge tank and a lot of hiding spaces. What size is the tank?
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    Sugar dose post cycle

    The idea behind sugar dosing (or more commonly Vodka dosing) is to grow lots of aerobic bacteria that consume Phosphates and then die for the skimmer to remove. I'm not convinced it's effective for Nitrates but like 2qiills, I could be wrong.
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    Ghost feeding

    Given those two options I would choose Mysis.
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    Starting a macroalgae refugium

    +1 on what Joe said. I strongly recommend trimming out at least 1/3 of the older growth every week. Even if it isn't growing trim out a third of it.
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    Shipping stuff

    Same except they require overnight shipping and better temp control.