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    Lighting, flow, temperature, tank placement etc.

    I got a leather coral and a gorgonian 3 days ago. Neither of them look as good as they do in the store, which I know is normal at the start, but what kinds of things can I do to help the process of making them happy. Tank placement, flow, lighting, temperature, and any other tips anyone has...
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    Just got my first 2 soft corals NEED HELP!!

    Thank you so much! How much flow and lighting do they like. It was also a little bit weird that it opened up while I was acclimating it but then won’t open now.
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    Just got my first 2 soft corals NEED HELP!!

    Hi everyone, I got these two days ago. The first few hours after acclimation they both had their polyps extended, now they are not. I got them at my lfs and they looked great there. Any advice on how to make them happy would be appreciated very much! Thanks, Calvin