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    Please help my angelfish

    I've had the fish for about 3 weeks. He is in a 125 gallon reef tank. He was fine up until today eating and swimming around. We took him out of the main tank to put him in quarantine hence the jar to get a better picture.
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    Please help my angelfish

    So this morning my angel is covered in this white stuff and isn't doing too well. What is it and what should I do?
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    i just went to a zoo they had real cool saltwater fish

    Barnacle Blennies also make a great addition.
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    Where would you buy them?
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    Hi everyone. I currently have a 4 gallon reef tank with an emerald crab, hermit crab, two snails, and a barnacle blenny. I was wondering if there are any starfish that may be suitable for this size tank.
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    Diatoms or cyano?

    You can also try a sand sifting goby worked wonders in my 125.
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    Please help with this starfish identification

    Hi I bought this star fish a while ago and was told by my LFS that it was a sand sifting star. I don't think he is as he never goes in the sand and stays on the rocks/glass. I think he might be a tan fromia but there is some debate. Does anyone know for sure? Thanks!
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    Starfish Identification Help

    So when I bought this starfish I was told it was a sandsifting star. It has never once sifted any sand and stays on the glass or rocks. I am thinking it is a tan fromia but there has been a lot of debate. Does anyone here have any idea? Thanks for your help!
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    Refugium help

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    Refugium help

    Jorge, Can you post a picture of your set up? It's seems you have what I am trying to do.
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    Refugium help

    I have a 46 gallon bowfront reef tank with a sump containing bioballs. I want to add a refugium but my sump is too small and hang ons are small. I have room to put a 10 gallon aquarium behind the sump but I am not sure how I would make one into a refugium and connect it to the sump. Any...
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    Mini Carpet Anemone

    What is the minimum size tank you would suggest putting these in? Would it work in a 4 gallon nano reef tank?
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    New 3-4 gallon nano reef

    Thanks. Yea I don't think I am going to put and fish in it. Probably the mini carpet anemone and some sexy shrimp. Possibly a snail or two and some corals.
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    New 3-4 gallon nano reef

    Thanks for all your suggestions. Would this tank be too small for a mini maxi carpet anemone?
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    Dwarf Seahorses

    Hi. I'm thinking about starting a dwarf seahorse tank and I know they only eat live baby brine shrimp. It seems very time consuming to do this twice a day so I was thinking about putting a continuous hatch and feed in the tank...