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    75g pictures

    nice tank!!! thanks for sharing have a great night.......
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    Pics of my first tank!

    very nice...have a great day...
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    Rare New Additions

    sweet pic`s,,,,,,thanks for sharing have a great day.
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    good pics to be used as backrounds

    awesome pic`s , thanks for sharing, have a great day.
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    And you thought you had a bad tank day!

    hope all goes well....have a good night.
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    I Think!!!

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    All in the family

    looks awesome i am suprised that the eel hasnt eaten your smaller fish.....thanks have a great day.........
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    Anybody have freshwater pics?

    heres one that i used to have,,,,have a great night...
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    New Sailfin

    looks great..thanks for sharing, have a great night..
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    Phsycotic Foxface

    thats just there nature,,,i think everyone on here can agree to that.....have a great night,,,
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    New to the board

    welcome to the board!!!! have a great night..
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    Anemone Comitting Suicide??? HELP!!!

    Originally Posted by 1journeyman When I moved my tank my anemone retreated for a month into a cave. It came out very bleached, but has fully recovered and grown well. If your lighting and parameters are 100% then you should be ok. agree! mine went through that too, and all are fine, at one...
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    in wall tank pics wanted.....

    Originally Posted by joncat24 I took it down about a month ago. I sold all livestock with it. A guy came from Ky with a truck and a trailer and took it all with him. I will be starting from scratch with the new one. I learned alot on the first one and now I know what I really want as far as...
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    Just Some Pics 24g

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    check out these tops downs

    Originally Posted by murph145 hmmm i wonder which one i am lol u never know but i do know this tank has cost alot lol thanks for the kind words gina! your welcome...have a great night murph...