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    Gold Nugget Maroon clownfish compatibility with a pair of Platinum and Midnight

    Your tank is 12ft long? Hell in that you could have a dozen maroon clowns. Its not apples to apples. Its apples to watermelon
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    Green brittle starfish

    how are your nitrates? High nitrate won't necessarily kill them, but it will cause them to almost go dormant
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    Randomly dying fish

    The sick angel could still be the issue. You also are not dealing with easy fish either. Draggonets are notoriously difficult to keep.
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    Feeding Lionfish,

    Personally go w a dwarf lion. My zebra started on live ghost shrimp, but quickly transitioned to frozen prawns, krill, small frozen sw fish. I started by hand feeding him live shrimp them mix in a prawn. Eventually only feeding frozen prawns
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    Keeping Foxface Rabbitfish together?!

    i agree w above. Juvenile fish act totally different then mature adults. If you want a lion for a 75 look into dwarf lions
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    GF first tank

    bigger you go the easier sw is. Personally for a newbie i wouldn't go less then 75. 125 us even better
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    Has to be too big for it to eat. Generally species only
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    hello! new tank owner

    welcome to sw. Now the big questions. How did you cycle the tank? Thats alot of fish for 54. The lion will eat your gramma and possibly the anthias. Sw is much different then fw. Far less fish in a tank compared to fw. Very slowly add fish. Such as 1 or 2 fish a month. Also live rock is dam...
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    New to owning a tank

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    I would try and contact DD and see what they were feeding it. They qt the fish for 2 wks so it had to be eating something for them
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    they come out of the live rock
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    Need some guidance

    Lets start with the sand. If you have that much food left in the sand you don't have enough flow. You need some power heads to circulate the water and keep that stuff in the water column. Then whatever isn't eating gets removed by filtration. 2nd the trigger. If its eating it should be fine. I...
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    Thats a close up pic lol. Looks to be a bristle worm yes. Their no problem
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    Aquarium backgrounds

    To make whatsvin the tank stand out, a solid color is best. This is just an idea, possibly put a mirror on the back.
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    Not 100% on this one

    Lol triggers always get the blame. Usually its warranted tho.