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    Dog slobber

    Gravity fed water may help. Honestly tho your probably doing it the best way lol. Dogs are messy, believe me i know i have 7
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    Dwarf Seahorses

    The plastic chain is common in fish stores. Its rounded so no issue. Macro alagae won't hurt them. Not all of it is eye appealing, but it gives them a place to latch on. Also helps grow pods, a fav food of theirs.
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    Fake coral

    Re cure. Add to saltwater, heater and powerhead. I would also rinse them the best you can. There will be a good amount of die off
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    All inclusive Nano Reef Setup

    The red sea inclusive tanks will do it. They are not cheap tho. Off hand i can't think of what there smallest size is.
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    Mystical scooter blenny.

    The one plus to qt a mandy is its the only fish in there. Its has no competition for food. They will eat frozen in the bag. I do it while they float. They just don't seen as aggressive as scooters to compete with other fish for it. That said i had one that would eat hikari s pellets. He would...
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    Back to the hobby after 10 years!

    Filling a tank to start with tap is fine. After that RO for the above reasons
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    Mystical scooter blenny.

    In your tank you can probably do two males. I would bet if you just order a ruby red and not from DD you would get a female. Males are the flashy ones so i bet most go to DD. A pair of mandys are nice and get along fine with scooters. It does seem the browns take to frozen easier tho. I have a...
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    Mystical scooter blenny.

    I broach this subject lightly. Draggonets in general are difficult fish to keep. The name is miss leading. Scooter "blenny" is actually a draggonet, along with mandarins. That said, I've owned a fair amount over the years. One common thing imo is the drab common scooters readily accept...
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    Dwarf Seahorses

    Plastic chain lol horses love it. Some of the hard macro alagae aswell are good options
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    Thoughts on Fish List

    Only change i would do is nix chromis, get a pair of clowns
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    Starting again

    Ideally its 1-1.5lbs per gallon. That said i probably average about 3lbs per.
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    Starting again

    I agree. Some rock is needed, not only for filtration but to feed your fish. They eat more stuff off it then you would think
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    How am I doing?

    Your doing good. The cycle has started. Your salinity is at the high end tho. If your doing a reef tank 1.024-1.026. Fish only 1.020-1.023
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    Its a low tank. But also a small tank for sw. Especially with fish in it. Frequent water changes and atleast something along the lines of a marine orbit led light. Kessil would wrk well too, you'd only need 1
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    Lion fish

    Ok excellent. Just keep up on your water changes bc lions can be messy. If its eating krill you should have no issues w other foods. You can even try shrimp from the grocery store. Make sure its sw shrimp tho and raw. You may even find some small smelts there aswell