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    Birds do it Bees do it

    Originally Posted by DragonZim How many crabs can a crab catch if a crab can catch crabs? no, actually in this case I think they run the risk of catching "people" when frollicking with strange crabs
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    Gtfih now!!!

    Aww! He totally looks like daddy - he's just not that tanned yet :) Beautiful baby, congrats
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    Oh my god people! It's SNOW - not a lake of molten lava!! SOMEONE must have a had a pair of winter boots kickin' around, no??
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    New Pick Up

    Baby retics always look too skinny to me too, but that's their shape, reminds me of a noodle with a head but that's one HOT looking noodle!!! Grats.
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    Shark tank broke!

    Originally Posted by WangoTango I almost expected to see people getting picked off by sharks while waiting in line at Orange Julius... ...I'd go to the mall to see that
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    Bright Red Algae and Purple Algae?

    Does it look anything like the purple branching algae in my pic? I had this stuff in my nano and old 65g for a while, it eventually went away.
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    Bright Red Algae and Purple Algae?

    coralline is good but without a positive ID I can't tell you about whether the other one is or not I await pictures :)
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    Snail ID

    Originally Posted by Bang Guy What's a Box Snail? I *think* it's an uncommon name for sundial snails
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    Bright Red Algae and Purple Algae?

    Google "red encrusting coralline" and "purple gracilaria" - do either of them look like either of these? (use the google image search)
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    The sky?
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    My first time in jail...

    Oh you're ok then, those cobras are not poisonous, merely venomous ;)
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    My first time in jail...

    I would think if you can get a Permit you can have one - only illegal if No Permit... no?
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    My first time in jail...

    Whaaat?? What is the point of requiring permits and then not honouring them??!! BUNK!!!
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    My new pet!

    lol... what did you name him? I used to work in a pet store when I was a kid and there was this potbelly named Pig Floyd that used to walk himself up to my store to beg for dog cookies. It was pretty funny because he lived about a 30-45 min walk away (30 for me to walk alone, 45 trying to coax...
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    My first time in jail...

    Originally Posted by Flower I know this is just my opinion….nobody else seems to think you did anything wrong. Two dangerous venomous cobras! Are you nuts or something? I understand your other snakes, but cobras? 18 footers and 14 footers….I think you have some kind of macho thing going on...