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    What's next?

    With that size tank, you are fine to add a pair of clowns. I recommend quarantining them first. If they bring in a parasite you will need to keep your tank fish less for 6-10 weeks depending on the parasite to allow it to die off in the tank. If you don’t all future fish will be infected and...
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    What's next?

    Give us some history and time lines as to what you’ve done so far. And details on the tank.
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    First marine tank planning. Help.

    welcome to the world of salt water. a 29 gal may fit in your stand but is a poor choice for a sump/refugium. It is way too tall and very difficult to work in. ome of the great things about a sump (only one section would be the refugium) is that you can hide equipment in it like a protein...
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    Newbie 24 gallon all-in-one reefer.

    No instrument is 100% accurate, I’m a chemist I know. Don’t panic that is the fastest way to cause a problem. If everything is doing well don’t worry. Corals need phosphate especially softies and LPS.
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    Sump and skimmer advice

    BRS has some square sumps.
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    Return pump

    Makes way more sense.
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    Return pump

    20L, so approx 5 gal, or 20 gallon? 20L would be way too small a 20 gallon long would be good.
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    Fuge location

    I’ve never had an issue with that.
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    Fuge location

    pods will be filtered out by filter socks, for that reason i don’t use them. pods are pretty small and have no problem getting through the return pump. I’d nix the sponge. It doesn’t really serve a purpose and it is a place for crud to collect.
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    dwarf seahorse help

    Sea horses usually need to be kept at lower temp because they are very prone to bacterial infections in captivity.
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    Return pump

    I’m not sure there is a rule. I don’t like too much or I end up with a river rapid through my sump kind of defeating the purpose of a refugium. Maybe 3-4 times an hour. You want to have a gate valve on the return so you can control flow.
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    is it OK to add fish?

    No give it about 3-4 more weeks. During that time ghost feed as if you have fish.
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    Refugium lighting?

    That is comparable to mine. You can adjust intensity probably and you can adjust the height of the light as the ant of time it is on.
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    Question about Cleaner Shrimp

    They are easy if your tank is stable. The only ones I’d get are the skunk cleaners. Coral banded shrimp aren’t a great choice becaus when they are grown they will take fish.
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    Dog slobber

    I use a gravity fed waterer but my dogs are way smaller and don’t drool.