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    Marilyn Manson

    it is all shock value. yes he may be "brilliant" but he is basically selling himself to make a buck
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    help with filtration on a 20gal

    emp. 280 that is what i used
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    moving again

    ive moved my tank once, and i just kinda winged it and was lucky. my ? is when i have my fish bagged and i put the tank in the new location and put the water back in it, with it all cloudy is it safe to release the fish into a cloudy tank or are they safe in the bags until the water clears.
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    any fans of the saw movies?

    saw 4....... highly doubt it. but havent heard anything about it either, only becuase you know what is going to happen someone dies because of their past
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    Looking for 30" PC light fixture

    i have one. it was on my 20.
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    Sub 1 gal Nano (pic)

    my clown goby is like the above and it to is in a 28 gallon bow front like to perck on the heater, what kind of tank is that a mason jar.
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    Kenya Tree Coral Tips

    put in bottom to lower levels of tank with decent flow. mine breaks peices of of itself constantly fragging.
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    Sub 1 gal Nano (pic)

    same as mine
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    Movie: Alpha Dog

    Saw it last night thought it was a good movie, and it follewed very well with what happened in real life.
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    ID please

    how do i get rid of them they are on just one frag.
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    ID please

    i added some pink zoos that they seem to be hanging around but are causeing no visable effect to
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    ID please

    what are these sorry no pic they are to small but the look to be some kind of nudi or something they are small, look kinda like a pringle chip, gold in color and have a red dot on them any help would be great.
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    how do you know if.....

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    how do you know if.....

    How do you know or tell if your frogspawn is dying? mine went through a move 2 weeks ago and has not opened back up and the tips have gotten real small.
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    29 gallon Salt Water

    was there a cycle in 10 days? or are you cycling with the fish looks good though