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    Hey ya'll

    Anyone still here from when I was active? I see a lot of the active members are all gone... just wondering who stuck around.
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    Wanting to start a saltwater tank

    A whole world awaits for you! Don't be discouraged with the comments about the size of your starter tank. Take it easy, go slow. Buy a few key things you need, here and there. Get your sand, live rock, filter and light and learn as much as you can .Stick to small fish and shrimp for now and...
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    Drill glass for sump

    Yes, I have drilled bottoms, but only when I knew for sure that they weren't tempered. Most of the time I drill the back panel for safety. Only drill a tank if you know for sure that the panel you are drilling is NOT tempered.
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    Drill glass for sump

    I'd choose a bean animal overflow. It's absolutely silent. Silicone work is pretty easy. Use plenty of tape. Go slow.
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    Drill glass for sump

    I've drilled dozens of aquariums. A glass hole saw kit in Amazon is about $15 and you can reuse the saw at least a dozen times before tossing it. Yes, it can absolutely be done.
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    4g Nano Reef!!

    I've had my 5g tank (4g actual) for over a year now. Here's a few lessons I have learned, after 11 years in the hobby: 1. Start slow. 2. No fish in anything less than 10 gallons. 3. No scallops, they eventually die and there isn't enough room for error. 4. Get calcium, alkalinity and...
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    beating hair algae in a tiny tank

    Naa, I'm not invested enough in this forum to make that kind of effort. See yah around.
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    Calling the old posse!!!

    I'm still here, off and on. I think this is my.... 11th year of membership this coming year. 14th year in the hobby, I believe. I still have my 5g pico going. Dosing, cleaning, doing water changes. The sps are fairing well. Just not as active on these forums since Facebook is a lot more...
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    Hello it's me again

    Welcome back. I still lurk from time to time. Cheers
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    Bristle worms question

    I've seen them do some pretty weird things, including one type that burrows through silicone... But never have seen one climb glass.
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    beating hair algae in a tiny tank

    Yes, it is a great choice of lighting for a small tank. It's kept SPS very well in my tank and for others.
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    beating hair algae in a tiny tank

    Experiment with growth and coloration of sps
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    beating hair algae in a tiny tank

    It's a delicate balancing act for sure. Nitrate and phosphate are both zero. I was trying to increase nitrate to 5ppm and phosphates a little too, but I obviously did not have enough herbivores to take care of the algae that arose. Photobucket banned me for posting to a third party website...
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    beating hair algae in a tiny tank

    I have 20+ different types of corals, ranging from soft corals to LPS to SPS. Filtration is primarily live rock, a small stock filter and a carbon pillow. Lighting is a kessil A80 that is on from 6am to 9pm. It stays at 5% until 3pm and ramps up to 90% until 8pm and then ramps down and turns...
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    White substance growing a new piece of LR

    Well, stay busy... It's how you stay alive. Good to know you are doing well, my friend. I'm back on here every now and then to check on things. Seems like a lot of people have left.