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    Swim bladder Damage

    Hello I just introduce a clarkii this afternoon and lights were off all nite.. I just turned them on and he seems to be swimming at the bottom and swimming in to my crab is this because the lights are just turned on and he is hiding in the rock!
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    Overstocked for a biocube?

    Um the yellow tail is a wimp and the diamond only grows 6 inches and the diamond eats frozen, brine, bloodworms, scallops, pellets, and the yt is best friends with all of them if anything the clowns are the rulers .. Know before u speak
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    Overstocked for a biocube?

    Which size cube do you have? And how much rock do you have? 29 and about 25 pounds
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    Overstocked for a biocube?

    Is this over stocked Clarkii PAIR 1 neon dottyback 1 Yt damsel 1 bangaii cardinal 1 sand sifter goby ( diamond )
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    stocked with 2 clarkiis 1 bangaii cardinal 1 neon dottyback 1 Yellow Tail damsel 1 frogspawn 1 hammer 1 long tentacle ANEMONE 1 cleaner shrimp
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    Clownfish Agression

    iknow ! Since ur Canadian to do u know of any online retailers? And will the nipping cool off I was hoping to breed them later ... And how do u et picasso clarkiis and pearl eyes is there always some in each Bach? thanks tho ! email me we can chat about fish! Picture is of...
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    Clownfish Agression

    I have 2 clarkiis both juveniles one is skittle but smaller than the other the biggest one is about 1.6 inch and the smaller one is about 1 inch ... but they were in a tank with lots of clarkiis ... The big one is always chasing the small one around .... and than he starts twitching . Also they...
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    Breeding clarkii clownfish

    How do u get normal clarkiis to have misbar or semi picasso or even real picasso clowns!? I have a pair of clarkiis normal .. They can't breed yet there still juveniles there yellow one if getting some black ploughed small.. Do u think they will both turn black!?
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    Breeding Clownfish

    Hi I have two clarkiis still deciding dominance but I'm thinking ahead .. I wanna breed on the future and I'm wondering how u make a picasso clarkii are they just born rare? or do u need certain fish .. What about a misbar ? Like how do I get these ?
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    Clarkii clownfish in long tentacle

    Nd Nice pics...BUT did you know you can add multiple pictures to the same thread   :) iknow I just want to have some on google images :)
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    Clarkii clownfish smiling