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  1. lmforbis

    Clownfish harassing Anemone.

    What kind of lighting do you have.
  2. lmforbis

    Adding New Fish to my Saltwater Fish Tank 90 Gallons

    What kind of disease did you have?
  3. lmforbis

    Seeding a new tank

    If you move the rocks from your existing tank into the new one, with some new rock you shouldn’t have any problems moving the few small fish. Wait a while before trying to add any new fish. Be sure to watch the ammonia levels, maybe buy a SeaChem ammonia alert badge so you just have to...
  4. lmforbis

    How long until adding corals?

    Give it a good 6 months.
  5. lmforbis

    Thoughts on keeping a damsel?!

    You should return the damsel and stop using a fish store that recommends cycling with any fish. The chuckle process is hard on all fish. Their gills are burned by the ammonia. Once you have fully cycled the tank WITHOUT fish (typically 4-8 weeks) then you can add some one at a time after...
  6. lmforbis

    New Classroom Aquarium

    With an anemone light is the big issue and will be the most expensive. I’d suggest a 40 gallon breeder, maybe you can find one on Craig’s list, inexpensively, new they are around $120 at pet co unless you can get it on sale , if not maybe a 20 gallon long tank. You want it shallow so more...
  7. lmforbis

    Damsel not active

    It is way too early to add a fish. The tank needs to be fully cycled befor you add a fish.
  8. lmforbis

    Fish keep dying

    Like I said before your tank is still infected. Two weeks after an infected fish is not close to long enough. 72 days which is around 10 weeks is the time necessary to make sure it is ich free. If you don’t quarantine your fish to make sure they are disease free before you add them to your...
  9. lmforbis

    Fish keep dying

    If your tank hasn’t been kept fallow the parasites are still there. Are you sure it was ich not velvet?
  10. lmforbis

    Fish keep dying

    You will need to treat those fish for ich in a hospital tank or it will just come back.
  11. lmforbis

    Fish keep dying

    You still have ich in your tank. You need to leave the tank fallow for 72 days before adding any new fish. This allows all the ich to die off. Otherwise it will keep killing your fish. I’d suggest a quarantine tank to prevent future infections.
  12. lmforbis

    Dwarf Zebra Lionfish loosing color

    I’d suggest setting up a QT tank. It will help you keep disease out of your tank.
  13. lmforbis

    SICCE return pump

    I use a silicone mat under and around the sides of mine. It is quite quiet.
  14. lmforbis

    Huma Huma trigger

    Basic rule, never buy something that won’t fit in your tank when full grown. Life tends to get in the way of even the best plans. No trigger until you have a big enough tank for an adult trigger.
  15. lmforbis

    Emperor Angel

    I do 30 days of observation. Longer if a problem pops up.
  16. lmforbis

    Emperor Angel

    Yep. Some fish have more resistance to disease than others. If I were You, being an aquarist with expensive fish’ I would certainly quarantine everything. It only takes one fish with a disease to kill off a whole tank. Personally I feel all should quarantine even if all they have is low end...
  17. lmforbis

    Can anyone ID this fish please?

    Looks like a puffer, starry puffer maybe.
  18. lmforbis

    Emperor Angel

    I’d look for a different dealer. Quarantine the fish until it is eating well then add to your tank. It is possible there is already a pathogen in your tank, if you haven’t been quarantining your fish. This pathogen may be taking out the angels.
  19. lmforbis

    Added crabs and snails too early. Help!

    Water change may help. Changing out your water will slow the cycling process. You need at least 6 weeks to cycle.
  20. lmforbis

    What is this?

    It is some sort of blennie probably starry blennie