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  1. dustintx

    Finally Happening!

    Hammer Corals are finally splitting. One head has a bubble type pocket dead center! Very exciting.
  2. dustintx

    Euphylia Garden

  3. dustintx

    Has anyone seen this before?

    I have a single paly,one stalk,two mouths.
  4. dustintx

    Frogspawn Help!!!!

    So I have 2 seperate frogspawn corals. Yesterday I noticed one was retracting so I did about a 25% water change. All corals look amazing except for this one single frogspawn. So today it has been retracted completely and wont come out. Also,the skeleton seems to be very brittle as I noticed some...
  5. dustintx

    Rasta Zoas and Frogspawn additions

    So I went back to the LFS that accidently sold me Hammer Corals instead of Frogspawn. So he remembered me and said he was sorry and gave me a great price on 4 frog spawn heads. Cost me $30 as upposed to the $60 I spent on 3 Hammer Coral heads. He also had some Rasta Zoa frags so I picked one...
  6. dustintx

    Orange Feather Duster in sump!

    So I recently noticed some strange growths on a small piece of rock rubble in my sump. On the same rock are black tube like formations with what appears to be tenticles sticking out of it. Also on the same rock is what I believe to be a small feather duster. It is in a white tube like structure...
  7. dustintx

    Little polyp eating B@$!!!!!

    Found what has been eating my gsp and psp. Little fkn bastards!!!!!! Gave them a fresh revive after spotting what i though was a nudi this morning and these things came out super fast.
  8. dustintx

    Baby Hammer Corals

    So it looks like one of my Hammer corals may have split or is splitting. Anyway,at the base I can see 3 or 4 baby hammer corals with very small tenticles. Do these usually grow into adult corals? Sorry,I'm a noob to hammer corals. Yes, my back glass needs cleaning,lol.
  9. dustintx

    Huge Pod Farm!

    So over the lest several weeks I'v had tiny pods all over my glass. This morning I wake up and turn my blues on and there are hundreds and hundreds of 3/8" pods walking all over my DT. Couldn't be happier! Seems my tank is flourishing. My clowns stay hungry,I'm guessing they are not eating them...
  10. dustintx

    Post your Frogspawn!

    Just got this 3 headed monster a couple days ago.
  11. dustintx

    Are these any good?

    I was just curious if either of these cheaper priced skimmers are any good? I'm still running my DIY :(
  12. dustintx

    Feeling Froggy!!!!!!

    So I finally purchased my favorite coral,the frogspawn. Gave her a coral dip in revive and all was good. Glued her to a rock with super glue and 4 hours later I found her on the sand via my mexican turbo snails big ass! What is the best way to mount corals permanently? Don't want to stress...
  13. dustintx

    Best Reef Salt and Go!!!

    What's the best Reef Crystals on the market? I finally have corals and now would like to switch my salt mix.
  14. dustintx

    WTFreak is this?!!!!!!!

    So I noticed something crawling on one of my zoahs,which that particular spot has not looked so good lately. So I sucked this nasty thing out with a turkey baster. ID please????? Sure hope its the only one!
  15. dustintx

    Screw Red Legged hermits!!!!!

    So I have noticed that my Red Legged Hermit Crabs do in fact attack some of my corals. Caught 2 nibbling on my new pink star polyp as it was conpletely closed,they were picking at the purple coraline looking mass as there were a couple bare spots where they were at. I immediately took them out...
  16. dustintx

    Zoah folding backwards?

    So I recently bought a few frags,mostly zoahs and polyps. One of the Zoah colonies seems to be folding its skirts completely backwards. I dipped all corals before they went into the tank. Im just curious if anyone has experienced this. All other frags are out and about and looking happy.
  17. dustintx

    Pink Star Polyp help

    So yesterday I bought a colony of pink star polyps,super pretty. Doesn't matter where they are in the tank,they refuse to open. I also bought other zoas and GSP and they are all opened. It literally just looks like a rock with coraline algea on it. Lights are good,water is good,flow is good. So...
  18. dustintx

    Surprise Additions!

    Two types of Zoas and a Green Star Polyp!
  19. dustintx

    Beginner corals

    So I'm thinking I will try my hand at corals in a few months,maybe less. I'm thinking I'd like to start with Zoanthids and Green Star Polyps. Any other suggestions for beginner corals?
  20. dustintx

    Copepods on DT glass

    Guess I do know how to start up a tank after all. I have lots of copepods on my DT glass. That's a very good sign that I'm doing it right! It's amazing seeing a tank come to life.