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  1. jay0705

    Aggressive tank advice

    Mixing lions can be hit or miss. A lion with a snow is fine tho
  2. jay0705

    Puffer fish

    Agreed. They get very big
  3. jay0705

    Emperor Angel

    R u getting them from the same place? What size?
  4. jay0705

    Trigger fish acting weird with Snowflake eel

    Trigger does not look good. The eel is probably eyeing up its next meal
  5. jay0705

    Aquarium Options

    your bigger tanks will be marine land, aqueon, ect. Unless you go custom. Most manufacturers make up to a gallon in glass
  6. jay0705

    would like to start a new tank

    bigger is always better. I will say this , you say fish only. you don't need coral but live rock is very important in a sw tank
  7. jay0705

    Flame Angel, Mandarin Goby, Mystery Wrass AND.....

    Nutramar prawn roe is another fav of draggonets
  8. jay0705

    First Saltwater Tank !HELP!

    Also yes you want live rock. Its the base on what all successful sw tank are built
  9. jay0705

    need suggestions for a new tank (125g)

    Borderline for the angel and your at the low end for the puffer. Alot of tangs you would be ok with. If you like 1 or 2 of those
  10. jay0705

    First Saltwater Tank !HELP!

    Hello and welcome. Biggest recommendation is to read a good sw beginners book. Research research and more research. To touch on your questions tho. A 55 is ok but not ideal for sw. A canister filter is not reccomend. A hob is a better option. No you do not need a skimmer. You will if you want...
  11. jay0705

    Porcupine puffer feeding regime

    My bad. Depends on size. Smaller fish eat more often. Daily. Adults 3 4 times a week. For large carnivores that is.
  12. jay0705

    Glo Fish tank

    Check out the aquatic fish freaks on fb
  13. jay0705

    Glo Fish tank

    If your talking the black light glo fish, tetras , danios, ect there just normal fw fish. They are dyed to glow. Its supposed to not wear off and not hurt the fish
  14. jay0705

    Porcupine puffer feeding regime

    Meat lol. Crab, shell on shrimp, krill, clam, fish
  15. jay0705

    Glo Fish tank

    R u talking fw glow fish?
  16. jay0705


    Depends what you want to keep with it. Personally i like the zebra. Same as imforbis tho i don't have one bc of the escape factor
  17. jay0705


    I agree w above. Cyano is generally a new tank think. It should go away w time
  18. jay0705


    A lid especially a tightly sealed one is not good for sw. Is the tank new?
  19. jay0705

    170g stocking ideas

    Imforbis is spot on w a qt. Look into a dwarf angel. Dwarf lions are one of my favorite fish. I like zebra myself. Ghost shrimp are usually needed at first then they will wean on to frozen foods. Shrimp, krill, ect
  20. jay0705

    170g stocking ideas

    Only get a pair of clowns. Nix the clown trigger. There great looking but after awhile it will be all you have left. Look into a niger, blue throat, instead. Personally i like a zebra eel there safest eel with most fish.