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  1. beaslbob

    pellet grill repairman

    how I "fixed" it. LOL long read but funny well at least to me anyway
  2. beaslbob

    ripley's aquarium in tn

    is surrounded by fire. So far the building is ok and the animals are ok also. The only air breathers are the penguins and they have filtered air. So as long as the building is sound and has power the animals should be fine
  3. beaslbob

    abestos abatement

    at our building:
  4. beaslbob

    deepest fish

    ever found:
  5. beaslbob

    using sump to reduce nitrates

    Thought I would post this here for all of you to consider. We constantly add sumps to lower nitrates (among many many other things.) Assuming you say double your total volume, nothing else changes, and you are doing the same volume of water change what happens when everything has settled...
  6. beaslbob

    orion live splashdown

    for the next 20 minutes or so anyway
  7. beaslbob

    did a cop kill someone in salt lake city recently?

    just wondered. not reported on news from what I can see.
  8. beaslbob

    first water change

    Hey I did my first water change today. You think my system will crash?
  9. beaslbob

    water change

    Well I finally broke down and changed my water. Do ya'all think I'll hurt my fish or crash my tank?
  10. beaslbob

    macro algae bioaccumulation of copper

    reference world health organization report on copper and marine life: 4.2.2 Aquatic plants Bioaccumulation factors have been calculated for over 20 species of marine macroalgae showing maximum values up to 27 000, depending on the exposure concentration (Bryan & Hummerstone, 1973; Phillips...
  11. beaslbob

    fact check Rush limbaugh leaving country i fheath care passes

    Yesterday it was widely reported and part of Jay's monolog that Ruch Limbaugh stated he would leave the country if health care passed. A good example is this article: that article had a link to the actual conversation. I suggest you read the...
  12. beaslbob

    bush billboard

    Saw this on the news this morn. Really funny IMHO
  13. beaslbob

    cycle with plant life

    in this thread: I stated that plant life like corralin algae and macros prefer to consume ammonia over nitrates and therefore it is possible to have a cycle where there is no ammonia or nitrIte spikes as long as there is sufficient plant...
  14. beaslbob

    the beaslbob trap(s)

    On an now defunct board a poster was attempting to setup a pvc overflow and was wondering why it didn't work. What he was attempting to duplicate was a pvc that went through the tank wall at the overflow height. But what he implemented was over the top instead of drilling the tank wall. so...
  15. beaslbob

    beaslbob's water change analysis

    At my request and promise to behave, the powers that be have restored my posting here. For those who are fortunate to have missed the past, I have had various FW planted tanks and simple FO marine tanks since 1979. I still have my 55g which has had fish and soft corals for 3-5 years or so. I...
  16. beaslbob

    bheron copper in tap water

    in thread: bheron posted: ... BTW - the copper in my tap water ruined my tank, liquidated my inverts so I couldnt even a snail, and ruined my live rock. Fish were fine. Bob - what's your position on copper in tap water? probably just...
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  18. beaslbob

    help id'ing with bad description

    I am sorry I did not get a picture so will try to describe what I saw. There was a snale like thing spewing red orange eggs about 4" directly up in the water column. Meanwhile my royal gramma was eating all the eggs he could at each eruption. The spewer is something I did not buy or...
  19. beaslbob

    merry xmass ya all

    merry xmass to all
  20. beaslbob

    does the message board require internet explorer

    Ya ya ya I know it requires a browser. I have been having a problem with my home computer. :notsure: Always can reply post etc from work but could not post from home. It takes the user id and password and the thanks for loggin in screen appears but then it goes to the login page...