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  1. Alfonso

    Sick anemone

    Hello my yellow Seabr anemone got caught in my back storage powerhead and is busted up it moves very slow so I placed it a small medic tank. It open very slowly Ibgress at this point is wait and see?
  2. Alfonso

    Nano tank crashed

    ammonia shot up killed my snails some mushrooms coral one clown fish. Did 25% water change check two day later Ammonia level is 1 ppm . Also found some parasite to?
  3. Alfonso

    Cleanup crew trouble

    notice a lot of allgee on my rocks and glass had six tubro snails die . So I check water conditions in range. I change out the midia since it been three months and remove the rocks with allgee scrub glass clean My hermit crabs or in a huddle along with my fire shrimp. 24 hr has pass and will get...
  4. Alfonso

    When to change filter media

    Hello going on 4 week my question is when do I change out the filter media in my 6 gal Nano tank?
  5. Alfonso


    this skimmer cam with my Nano which direction dose it mount up or down?
  6. Alfonso

    Lighting in a 6 gal Nano tank

    Hello have a clownfish one shrimp and a few snails with some live rock. My question is how long donIbkeep my over head lights on I normally turn it on at 5 pm and off back 6am is that adequate time?
  7. Alfonso

    High Nitrate & Nitrite in Nano tank

    Hello third week on my 6 gal Nano tank still no fish or corals check water parameters my Nitrite was 160 ppm & Nitrate read 5.0 ppm Even though I have no fish or corals what cause it to spike so high. I made a 2 gal water change will check water parameters next week ? Oh oh was 8.2 and 0 Ammonia...
  8. Alfonso

    Ammonia levels in a Nano tank

    Hello I’m in my second week with my 6 gal Nano tank. First week of reads I had 0 Ammonia levels today it was 25 ppm what should the Ammonia safe zone perimeter reads be in my small Nano tank.
  9. Alfonso

    New to salt water

    Hello I’m new to the salt water hobby have a 6 gallon Nano tank with sea sand and live rock be running for two weeks. Test water parameters seems to be good. How long before I can get some coral frags and on crown fish? In which order should I do it?