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    Multiple Anemones in a tank?

    Refugium Excuse the color from my grow light.
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    Multiple Anemones in a tank?

    75gal tank with multiple anemones
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    Multiple Anemones in a tank?

    I have a long tenticale, 2 RBTAs and a green BTA. I also have a small baby RBTA (that came out of nowhere) along with 2 tube anemones (mated pairs of 2 Midnight, 2 Snowflake, 2 Wyoming Whites, 1 black, 1 orange...Oscellarius Clownfish that host them). I have NO PROBLEMS. I have a lime green...
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    feeding LTA's test?

    Actually, I feed my aquarium earthworms A LOT. Dillys & live bloodworms too. Its ok for the fish but if you feed them to anemones and or corals then its suggested that you place them in a cup with reef salt and add water. The saltwater helps with purging the worms. Rinse the worms under running...