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    Roomy DIY acclaimation box

    This water dispenser measures 12.5" long, 5" deep, and 10" tall. Good size but the shape enables it to fit easily into tanks 60 gal. or bigger. Regular price US$12.5 on sale for $6.5 only. Spout easily removed. 40 holes drilled and "smoothed out". Total time spent: about 20 minutes. No...
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    How to choose a powder blue tang

    Fish in mind: 4 inch powder blue tang. At the fish store some are colorful while some are drab/more dull looking. Is it risky to pick a colorful one that could be subject to cyanide posioning? Will a drab looking one gain color eventually? Thanks for you advice!
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    An unhappy clown

    I am puzzled by this medium size Maroon Clown. She's healthy and has been in my 180 gal "fish only" tank for 2 months. There's another much smaller Maroon in the same tank but she rarely pays attention to him. She would peck on him a bit when they meet ocassionally( They hang out separately)...
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    Nori wrap..................a less messy way to feed nori seaweed.

    I stopped feeding nori for a while because it falls apart easily, floats aroud, gets sucked into filters and could affect the water quality. One day I was eating Vietnamese egg rolls that were served with lettuce leaves it gave me an idea: thus "wrapped nori" was born, lol! I can't say it's my...
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    This algae good for refugium?

    *********** calls this Red Gracilaria Feeding algae. I planned to put it in my refugium which has a little higher flow than medium. Upon receiving it seems like it would fall apart easily. Most of it is in 3-4 clumps. Is it a good idea to use it? May be put it in a plastic cage first?
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    Any problems getting caulerpa shipped to California? I really like the look of some of them........