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35% Off ! All WYSIWYG fish and corals
  1. rickross23


    here's my 120. (lights were off, turned them on for a pic, so corals and nems are NOT happy or fully out in the pic) i am worried about the little corals i have growing into each other and me not being able to keep all the corals I want. I also am not very happy with my rockwork. I was thinking...
  2. rickross23


    My 120 has Yellow tang 2 clowns 2 bangaii cards 4 chromis I would like to add these Black tail anampses wrasse or 4 star leopard wrasse Red mandarin 2 B&W clowns (ik they may fight) BJ trigger ( anyone have one? Would this get too big?) Diamond goby (mine killed itself) Thanks. I also like...
  3. rickross23

    dr seuss soapfish

    For sale! Only $6000! 3 1/4 inches...... $2000 per inch haha. This guy is in the divers den of ***********. Someone go buy him and post pics up here! Go check it out..
  4. rickross23

    120 ideas

    Hey. I have a 120 standard mixed reef. My inhabitants Yellow tang 2 TR ocellaris clownfish 4 chromis I like these fish and would Like to add them. 2 B&W ocellaris clownfish( would this be a problem? They are both ocellaris) Red mandarin dragonet Dragonface pipefish Black tail anampses wrasse...
  5. rickross23


    anyone here see it besides me? I thought it was good, but there BETTER be a sequel because there are pretty many questions to be answered. Great special effects and a well-directed movie. Ridley Scott is back to science fiction! I recommend this movie. Please share your thoughts here if you have...
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  7. rickross23


    got a dendro with 2 heads today......NOT CHEAP! SWEET CORAL! I hear they are hard to come by since there from Japan. Will upload pics later when he opens. Anyone here have one???
  8. rickross23


    I am going to upgrade to LEDs for several reasons. 1. heat consumption 2. No need for replacement bulbs 3. Last 50000 hours 4. Future reef lights + upgradeable + customizable What ones should I get for my 120? Sols? I am a fan of the radions, but want to weigh the options.
  9. rickross23

    Green Tyree Toadstool

    Got onw today! He's about 2-2.5 inches. I paid $50 for him. Cool coral. Will upload pics later.
  10. rickross23

    yellow tang ich;?;?

    I bought a yellow tang yesterday for my 120g tank along with a cleaner wrasse. Today, he ate a little of my instant ocean herbivore mix and he grazed algae. When I got home, I saw him nipping algae off a snail, then he would rub against the snails shell. I saw him rub a rock also once. He rubbed...
  11. rickross23


    Let's hear some names for my new fish. I got a yellow tang and cleaner wrasse. If you want, I can post pics of them. I have no idea of a name. Please give me ideas and thoughts. Thanks.
  12. rickross23

    tech m dosing

    How do i dose it? It says 1/4 tsp every gallon raises the level by 18.3 ppm per day. How do i dose if I want to raise the magnesium to 1600-1800? I have a bryopsis outbreak in my 120 gallon tank.
  13. rickross23

    Izu Catshark

    Anyone have one? They only get 16" it days on the internet. Look cool.
  14. rickross23


    anyone have one? I saw one on liveaq and it was SWEET. I WOULD LOVE ONE. Share thoughts. Thanks.
  15. rickross23

    shark/ray tank

    in a 180, i can keep a cali stingray right? im NOT talking cortez ray, but cali- urobatis halleri. they reach 9-10 inches. i saw a kallimantan shark on liveaq. it was COOL. how big of a tank for this? LA says 180g, but they say it gets 2 feet. for both, i would need a 300g minimum right?
  16. rickross23

    bryopsis removal with Kent Tech M

    What's the desired level for killing the bryopsis? 1600? 1800? What are the effects on fish, corals, inverts? I have spent hundreds on my livestock and corals. My favorite things are my clownfish and 3 anemones. Will the treatment affect the inverts, corals, fish, or anemones? Please tell me...
  17. rickross23


    got one! so pretty. anyone who has one, any tips? also, how do you upload videos on SWF? i can never get it to work.
  18. rickross23

    anemone question

    i am going to get an anemone soon. i am in love with the ritteri, but am borderline on the care requirements. the anemone will be set on top of a rock, so its gonna be about 4" above the SB. the SB is about 3-4" deep, so we are looking at 7-8" from the bottom of my tank for a nem. i am about to...
  19. rickross23

    ritteri anemone?

    Anyone kept one? Thoughts and experiences please. I hear they can be hard. I am thinkin of gettin one. I have 2 rbtas already. Thanks, Rick.
  20. rickross23

    magnesium dosing help!

    I have seachem reef advantage magnesium. I have bryopsis and i want to raise the magnesium to kill it. Can i use the magnesium builder I have to kill the bryopsis or do i need to spend 30$ on tech m ? Won't it do the same or is tech M made different.