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    qt and treating

    can I treat my lionfish using seachem cupramine?
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    SAving energy. Ideas?

    I have only 32g tank with 25lbs of live rock and 3inch of live sand bed. Do I need to run the stock chemical filter or I would be fine just the heater, lights on for atleast 6 t0 8 hrs, and sponge filter with air pump. I wanted to turn off the power filter since I dont have fish just corals and...
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    quarantine tank

    Looking for advice how to set up a QT?
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    is this a pest? how to get rid of them. I heard is harmless and they get out its own.

    I have hundreds of them in my tank glass. a
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    I got my first corals.

    They are now in my reef tank and there open and looks great that in my lfs store. my birdnest love the high current flow. GREEN birdnest coral and Frogspawn coral. water flow is 800gph ammONIAN 0 nitirte 0 nitrate 20.ppm calsium 400-420 kh is 12 phospate 0.1-0.5ppm salinity 1.26 temparture 78...
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    is this a pest or not?

    hydroids in my glass,
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    a long tentacle with a round white tip

    I HAVE 5 to 6 living in my piece live rock in size of a dime or very very small in atnic light the tip color green? its that a pest or what? Ill give space of my live rock and dry live rock so it will not spread away easily. I dont know if I am right. help? or do I need to remove the live rock
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    Im in my 4th week of cycling

    I saw white spot in my aquarium glass and there are a live swimming . And what is the best corals for beginners at low light and easy to care? any suggestion ?
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    2nd week of cycle

    test water parameter.
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    Hi guys, 2 weeks ago I started my reef aqurium biocube 32g led. I bought everything I need to start. LIST; BIOCUBE 32G LED WITH STAND RODI TWIST IN SYSTEM API TESTKIT FOR AMONIA NINTRATE,PH NITRITE, API TESTKIT CALCIUM,PHOSPATE, CARBON HARDNESS ETC GRAVEL...