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  1. keri

    Why not? another snake thread

    Well, I thought I might as well show off my newest little baby, an 09 female salmon 100% het kahl albino, I picked her up from a local breeder last month. I just love her reduced patterning and I swear she gets pinker every day! Her name is Bubbles. Pink, Pink, Pink!!
  2. keri

    The Seattle Aquarium

    So Drew and I have some time off together, don't *really* wanna leave the pets for too too long with a house sitter but I figured we could take a couple days, take a train up to Seattle, check out the aquarium....? Has anyone been to it? Is it much good? I only really have the Vancouver Aquarium...
  3. keri

    Tomcats: a public service announcement!

    I work in a vet clinic... and the moment I walk in I can tell if there is an intact (not neutered) tomcat in the building. It happened again today, the woman was adamant that she wanted to breed her "very special" (read: matted, stinky, regular old Domestic Medium Haired cat) but I have to...
  4. keri

    Deepwater Acro ID (pic)

    Hello :) This was sold to me as a "deepwater acro" anybody know what it's really called? This pic is fairly accurate for colour under daylight nut it's getting more irridescent every day, and is really spectacular under actinics only. when I first got it a couple of weeks ago, it makes me happy...
  5. keri

    New SPS -ID? (pic)

    Picked this up yesterday, supposedly ORA from my LFS. I'm not very good at IDing SPS, anyone know what it is? (colours are fairly true to life in the pic except the tips are more violet in person)
  6. keri

    The new tank is up!!

    Well, it's been a long process but here are all the fish and corals and most of the inverts finally together in the new 120g. The fish came from our 65g and 27g, it's so cool watching them explore their new digs! The little foxface is trying to buddy up with the SF tang, and the SF is showing...
  7. keri

    Heaters in a sump

    The only way I can fit the two heaters together in the sump submersed is on either side of, and touching, my acrylic skimmer. Is this going to be a problem? (2x 300w heaters in a 120g with a 33g sump) edit: sorry, this is in the wrong forum, if someone wants to move it that would be good :)
  8. keri

    I'm making Stew!!

    No, really, this is a big thing for me lol... My mom gave me a crock pot for my birthday 2 years ago and i've never taken it out of the box - I'm just not a cooker!! But, I'm trying to learn....Basically I just threw a bunch of vegetables into the pot with some vegetable broth and carmelized...
  9. keri

    Favia? (pic)

    Favia, right? Picked up a little nameless frag at my LFS a couple months ago and it's turning out quite nicely. Not bad for $$2.99 I think!!(It's just finished eating in this pic)
  10. keri

    TOUGH anemone ID needed (pics)

    Hi folks... I have a question!! I have recently purchased a "mini (carpet?) anemone" - ID not guaranteed tho ha ha.... the guy wasn't sure of it himself but.... I like suprises. I have it in a tupperware covered in bridal veil to prevent escapes (in a pretty good flow path) while I figure out...
  11. keri

    Pic of the Day

    AKA: Why most ppl recommend wearing gloves while handling things in your tank.... (I obviously didn't lol)
  12. keri

    My clownfish are spawning right now!!

    I'm excited like a little kid lol.... I don't plan on raising them, I don't have the space or time or food cultures but it's still pretty freaking cool! Sorry about the pic quality - of course that section of glass needs to be cleaned but I don't want to disturb them
  13. keri

    Rhodactis sanctithomae/ St Thomas' mushroom

    New pickup today. Bad pic but cool shrooms!! There is one big one and two smaller ones on the rock I got.
  14. keri

    Do dead anemones smell bad?

    I think the 'nem that arrived 2 days late yesterday might be dead - it has lost almost all colour and seems to be melting. But it doesn't smell. Do they smell when they die? Thanks :)
  15. keri

    Carpet anemone?

    So, aside from being incredibly stressed from being lost in shipping for 2 days and arriving quite cold anyone know what kind of carpet this is? It has pink/purple verrucae and is about the size of a quarter (does s. gigantea even come that small? well, I guess it's got to start somewhere lol)...
  16. keri

    Shipment delay

    Long story short: My shipment is delayed and it will be 48hrs (at least) from when it was shipped to when I receive it. It's just a rhodactis mushroom and an anemone, but I hope they don't die! They were well packed but it was only supposed to be 24 hours, not basically what I'm...
  17. keri

    Who'd a thunk it?

    Look at the little rainbow on the bristleworm, quite pretty I think!!
  18. keri

    "Fringe" TV show

    Sorry, REALLY off topic... Has anyone else watched this? Is the sound messed up or is it just me? It sounds really tinny....I can't watch it. And it's just that program, not the shows before or afterwards.
  19. keri

    The stork came to my FW tank ;)

    My gold barbs had a baby!! (well, in reality there were probably hundreds of eggs/babies but THIS one made it!) I've named him Agent Morgan (anybody else watch Criminal Minds? You keep thinking they've blown him up, but no, he's still alive!) These first pics are from 2 weeks ago, I was waiting...
  20. keri

    Anyone want to hazard a guess? Pics!

    I got this little tan bit of NOTHING thrown in the bag for free from the LFS back in March....and he grew! Started out maybe 1/2" and is now maybe 2.5"? plus encrusting. I can't get a good pic of the colours but it's turned out quite pretty, almost looks like a bit like a tricolour acro in...