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  1. clown4life

    My Reef.. Enjoy

    Hello I haven't been onhere for 6-8 months but just checking back in
  2. clown4life

    Some of my best friends

  3. clown4life

    New frag tank

    Ok so here it goes I have been a reefer for 1 and a half years now and really want to start to fragging for real. I do it now and then and sell it to my LFS. But now I want to make some money and have fun so I was thinking of setting up a 20L tank. Putting 2 T-5 30 inch two bulb (24 watts each)...
  4. clown4life

    I.D. please

    I have an idea but idk. The orange one in the middle.
  5. clown4life

    I.D. Please

    I.D. A chalice? far right not the brain or acans
  6. clown4life

    New on the block(Tank)

    My Docorfish (Just incase I get sick.... you know.) And my purple Dottyback
  7. clown4life

    Let's see those Shrimps!

  8. clown4life

    My New Best Friend!!

    I like how about you?
  9. clown4life

    Updated Pics

    Some pics I happend to take five mins b4 the lights went off.
  10. clown4life

    I.D's please

    I think one is a green people eater and the other is red people eater but I know someone on here will know thnx. They have green rectangle mouths
  11. clown4life

    Fuzy Darwf lion

    I know some about them but I need to know everything I can. I have a 90gal reef, plenty of hidding. I know they will eat fish but how big of fish and what kind? I have a hppo,atlantic,cardinail,yellow watchmen,foxface,clowns,and my mandrains. I have heard that a fuzzy will eat my mandrains but...
  12. clown4life


    Any one from those places have any thing to sell/trade? That's FL by the way.
  13. clown4life

    First Clam

    Hello I have a 90 gal with the Nova Pro Extreme (great lights) T5s I need a clam ID. I have him/her mid tank level. It opened quick, when I put the bag in the water it started to open up, so I think it is very healthy. I bought it yesterday for $45
  14. clown4life

    Tang wars

    has anyone had a Blue Atlantic and a purple together?
  15. clown4life

    L/F Acans

    Hello I don't have much money but I would like to make my acan collection bigger by getting a frag once a week so help me out thnx.
  16. clown4life


    My acans. What kind are they? And how much would you pay or how much are the worth?
  17. clown4life

    worm ID

    Can they hurt my coral?
  18. clown4life

    Ribbon eels

    Other than really hard to get to eat are they safe for a reef tank. Yes they get really long but their head stays pretty small. I know a guy with one and he has one in his 150 tank and it's about 2-3 feet long he doesn't have a reef set-up but it's eating just fine. It is the Black ribbon, which...
  19. clown4life

    Ribbon eel in a reef?

    Does anyone own a blue/black or white/ghost ribbon eel in their reef tank? Or if you don't what is your oppion about which one is more hardy. And do you think you should even have an eel in a reef system.
  20. clown4life

    L/F Acans

    Just looking for all kinds of acan frags. Let me know thnx.