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  1. lmforbis

    Newbie 24 gallon all-in-one reefer.

    Looks good. The alkalinity is fine.
  2. lmforbis

    When to do 1st SW media change?

    With a canister filter you need to clean it weekly. If I were you I’d buy a hang on the back filter. They are better for salt water and the maintenance isn’t as labor intensive.
  3. lmforbis

    Changing out old sand

    Typically we don’t recomend Messing with the sand bed at all. Toxins will be released that can while out a tank. This is assuming you have fish. You can siphon off small amounts from a single area once a week or so while you are doing regular water changes, till most of it is gone, you...
  4. lmforbis

    Zoa Fell

    If they don’t have enough ligh they will shrink and eventually dissappear
  5. lmforbis

    Adding clownfish

    Get a small one from a tank with a lot of them. Don’t get the largest one in the tank. Since you have a QT up and running you might consider adding the new one into the QT with the old one so there is no chance it turns female during its 30 day QT.
  6. lmforbis

    Powder brown tang loosing color

    Color loss is a stress response. what size tank? What tank mates? Water parameters? How long have you had fish? Did you quarantine?
  7. lmforbis


    You can as long as there isn’t any copper in your system. Why do you need it? Future tests for ammonia will be positive. Unless you use the sea hem kit
  8. lmforbis

    Adding clownfish

    Did you treat all your fish for ich and leave the tank fallow for the requisite amount of time? If not your tank is still infected and any fish you buy is at risk.
  9. lmforbis

    Help! Hermit crab out of shell!

    Might be molting. Just leave him alone
  10. lmforbis

    Best fish combination for a 29 Gallon Reef Tank?

    Re home the two problem fish. look at maybe a shrimp goby orchid dotty back firefish cardinal fish. you are limited to 5-6 small (adult size) fish in a 29.
  11. lmforbis

    Newbie 24 gallon all-in-one reefer.

    Often they split when they are stressed. Not enough light or water quality is often the cause.
  12. lmforbis

    can Someone tell me what this bump is

    How big is it?
  13. lmforbis

    can Someone tell me what this bump is

    No clue. it appears o be on top of its skin not growing out of it. Almost like a bundle of eggs. I don’t suppose you can brush it off.
  14. lmforbis


    I’d bet they are both female. The outcome will probably be bad. I’d return one of them.
  15. lmforbis


    all clowns are born male. In a group the dominant becomes female. once female they can’t go back to male. That female will not tolerate any other females. I assume these clowns were not in the same tank at the store. the orange one is an oscelaris. The black I’m not so sure. its stripes...
  16. lmforbis

    puffer and clownfish

    Re-home one is probably the only choice.
  17. lmforbis


    Are these both oscelaris Clowns? if they are the same species I can think of tow scenarios. 1) they are both female. In this case one will eventually kill the other. 2) only one is female or both are male. In this situation one will become dominant the other will stay male and things may be...
  18. lmforbis

    Sand or no sand that’s the question.

    I struggled with the same question a few years ago when I upgraded. In the end it came down to the fact that I prefer the look of sand. I don’t have a ton of sand just around the outside edges of the rocks. Is one better than the other? I don't think so. Each has its advantage. The sand...
  19. lmforbis

    How can I grow copepods for my mandarin fish?

    Or you could go fancy with a hang on refugium. This is one example.
  20. lmforbis

    How can I grow copepods for my mandarin fish?

    Chaeto will grow but you can cut it back. It tends to stay in a ball. You can probably put it in a When I trim it I take a big chunk out then shake it in the water to get the pods out of it. you could do something like this on the cheap, net breeder keeps fish away from macro and allows pods...