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    When to do 1st SW media change?

    50 Gall Saltwater Fluval 307 Canister headed livestock September 26. 2 clowns One yellow tang one Atlantic blue tang 1 cardinal 2 blue damsels, 1 animone Is 3 months abt right to clean/change media? Ph-8.2 Ammonia-0 Nitrites-0 nitates 5.0 Do these numbers mean tank is now cycled? Thanks

    Sally Lightfoot Crab

    I picked up a Sally LF crab to help clean bottom of tank . When I saw her in the store it was moving all around the bottom of the tank I bring it home it sits on top of a rock for a day then walk to the back of the rock then it moved to the sand in front of the Tank and sat there ever since ...

    Amazing Discus Feeding

    Youtube sent me this

    Topping off tank

    Hi again gals and guys. Two quick questions . When topping off the tank due to evaporation probably have to add some conditioner to remove ammonia etc. I actually forgot to do that the last few times I topped off a little bit when I noticed bubbles from my sterilizer output . My readings had...

    Adding correct fish

    New SW tank 50 Gall with 2 small clowns and 1 small royal gramma basslet. Fish in tank only one week now but looking forward to adding a fish or two in a few weeks . Would there be a decent size larger colorful type fish with the same demeanor that I could possibly add or is that a no no...


    Just getting into saltwater 50 gall tank with 2 small clowns and 1 small royal gramma basslet. Im feedin with the small frozen brine shrimp cubes. Is like half a cube defrosted in tank wtr one time a day good for this small amount of fish? Also how many fish in this size tank can I keep maybe...