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  1. millerman

    moving again

    ive moved my tank once, and i just kinda winged it and was lucky. my ? is when i have my fish bagged and i put the tank in the new location and put the water back in it, with it all cloudy is it safe to release the fish into a cloudy tank or are they safe in the bags until the water clears.
  2. millerman

    Movie: Alpha Dog

    Saw it last night thought it was a good movie, and it follewed very well with what happened in real life.
  3. millerman

    ID please

    what are these sorry no pic they are to small but the look to be some kind of nudi or something they are small, look kinda like a pringle chip, gold in color and have a red dot on them any help would be great.
  4. millerman

    how do you know if.....

    How do you know or tell if your frogspawn is dying? mine went through a move 2 weeks ago and has not opened back up and the tips have gotten real small.
  5. millerman

    metal halide ?

    i have 150 watt on a 28 gallon. is this enough lighting to eventually have a clam or anenome.
  6. millerman

    check these animals out

    this is pretty cool
  7. millerman

    blue stripe clown pics please

    i saw some threads and was wondering if anyone could please post pics of yours thanks to all miller
  8. millerman

    clownfish ?

    wewnt to lfs to get a clown fish. they had misbar, and another kind which was smaller. I asked what kind they were and she replied stuby clowns. What are they or what kind if any one knows. thanks i did not purchase because they just came in yesterday thought i would give them a week or so
  9. millerman

    times for lighting

    if you have metal halides on your tank can you have them on every other day or does it have to be every day. right now i keep my pc on everyday for 6-8 hrs i was just wondering
  10. millerman

    fish list for a 29 gallon

    i have a yellow clown goby, and a goby unkown at time. can i also have a Pygmy Angelfish and 2 clowns.
  11. millerman

    my new lights

    150 watt , 14,000k coralife hob metal halide on a 28 gallon bow front what are my limitaions on what i can have or am i still limited?
  12. millerman

    survivor Cook Island

    Anyone watch this tonight, or have watched the entirity of this show? what is your opinions? good/bad. I have been watching this show and i enjoy it.
  13. millerman

    anyone in alabama

    that is the question looking for people to trade with in this great state(currently cloudy and raining)
  14. millerman

    thanksgiving plans

    So what is everyones thanksgiving plans? Mine are travel home, study my senior presentation, come back and graduate.
  15. millerman

    coralife metal halide ?

    ive got a 28 gallon bow front and i also have a hang on back metal halide. The problem i am having is there is a center brace in the middle and the light can not be placed in the center of the tank. Right now i have it mounted on the side. will this be o.k. or should i build a brace behind the...
  16. millerman

    new tank now what?

    i got a new tank how do i start it without an extreme cycle i filled the tank and i put in two gallons of water from my other tank that is a hour and a half away. how long wil it be before i can transfer all of my 20 gallon to this one? what else do i do?
  17. millerman

    new tank now what

    Well i have a 20 gallon and i now have a 28 gallon bowfront I need to know how to start this new tank. I filled the tank and then put in 2 gallons of my 20 gallon tank water in it to start it should i do water changes from tank to tank every couple of days. how long will it be before i can...
  18. millerman

    reading please help

    hydrometer- 1.028 temp on digital - 81.3 F are these reading ok im sure my temp needs to go down some
  19. millerman

    new tank need ideas

    well i exchange the 44 gallon pent. for a 28 gallon bow i plan on going with black sand will the light from my 20 gallon fit on the 28 gallon bowfront inhabitants 1citron clown goby blue and scarlet leg herits narsisuss snails turbo snail 2 snails that digg in and out of the sand during feedings...
  20. millerman

    new tank NEED IDEAS