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  1. mr . salty

    (off topic),,New Jimmy Buffett CD

    Hey,I just got the new one"Far Side Of The World"..His first release since starting his own label(Mailboat records).This is a cool CD.It's diferent from his past work with a more soulful sound.No "margaritaville",or "fins" here.This one Really highlights his story telling style.Mostly slow easy...
  2. mr . salty

    ID this please.(PIC)

    This came on a mushroom rock my sister bought.Any thoughts.It is only about 1-1 1/2 inches in diameter....
  3. mr . salty

    Lunare Wrasse Question??????

    Hey,Does anyone know if a lunare wrasse would pick at or eat star pollops,or mushrooms??? I have a few of these in my tank,and ran across a good deal on the Wrasse....THANKS
  4. mr . salty

    Southdown update!!

    After discussing this subject in the shark tank with the other moderators and ADMIN,general dicussions about southdown will be allowed.But detailed info about how and where to get it will NOT.Let's just say "yuo get it at HOME DEPOT"..THANK'S.
  5. mr . salty


    You have been around here long enough to know that posting online links are a NO NO..That is why I deleated your post...Please keep this rule in mind when posting information..THANK YOU...
  6. mr . salty

    NEW HYBRED TANG!! I gotta have one!!!!

    This fish is the result of an Achilles tang gettin jiggy with a goldrim tang in hawaii.I have never seen or heard of this fish till I ran across it on another info site.The head and body resemble the achilles,while the tail is from the goldrim.This is one GOOD LOOKING FISH..If anyone knows where...
  7. mr . salty

    Raptor 2003!!!!!!!

    Posting "want ads" is against the rules of this BB.If you search the main site( you will fing a Classified ad's page where you can post your question...
  8. mr . salty

    New bulbs,WOW what a diference...

    I just replaced my ???old,???k 175Mh with a new 10,000k blueline.WOW does that look better. I never thought the old one was that bad.I now also take back every bad thing I ever said about the blueline bulbs. I got two of them,as the price was right.And now will be getting another retro for the...
  9. mr . salty

    Plate coral on the move???????

    I swear my extra large plate coral is moving. It has moved about three inches in the last couple days. It is too big for the current,or any of my fish to be doing this.Is this possible??Maybe somehow in the way it puffs up everyday???????
  10. mr . salty

    Got my new skimmer

    Well,now I've done it. I got a CPR-SR9. It stands three feet tall,and the reaction chamber is 6" in diameter.It is rated up to 600 gallons. I also got the RIO 1700 pump to power it. It should push around 600gph through this monster.This is the "Killer skimmer" I've been looking for. All together...
  11. mr . salty


    Hey dude,email me@,I got a qiuck question for ya.
  12. mr . salty

    Got some Live Sand,Is this good stuff???

    I got a 20lb bag of Natures Ocean premium reef sand. It claims to have 10,000,000 bacteria per pound.It is .5-1.7mm diameter.The lable lists three diferent kinds of bacteria,but none of the other critters I thought "live sand" has.Is this stuff the "real deal"as my LFS guy claims????
  13. mr . salty

    Switched tanks yesterday.

    Well it's done. I only really had a couple of problems.First one is really more of a dissapointment than a problem,I couldn't get the black background that I like,so I had to settle for dark blue. Not as nice as the black,When my lights are on you can actually see through it and the cords and...
  14. mr . salty

    CC or DSB??????????

    I am replacing my leaky 125 with a 130 next weekend.So I;m thinking this would be the perfect opertunity to change my CC substrate with a deep sand bed. WHAT DO YOU ALL THINK. Remember that this is a FOWLR and will never be a reef. Will the benafits apply in this tank??? If so,do they justify...
  15. mr . salty

    ADVERTISING (items for sale) please read....

    Anyone with items for sale should put these "ads" in the classifieds section of this website. This can be found by clicking on HOMEPAGE in the blue box to the left on your screen. Advertising is not allowed in any of the topic pages...THANK YOU..
  16. mr . salty

    New Pics on my site

    Well,I finally upgraded the site.There are all new pictures in the fish page,and the Critters page.Also added a page for Algae tank and plumbing. They are big pictures so it may take awhile to load.If it's too long let me know and I'll shrink the pics.For those that don't know my addresse,click...
  17. mr . salty

    Leaking 125. (horror story)

    This has got to qualify for the worst day in a long time. I got up yesterday morning to find a leaking seam in my 125 gallon FOWLR. It had lost about 10 gallons into my rather expensive carpet. This leak was about three inches below the normal water line,and loosing water pretty quickly. So...
  18. mr . salty

    DIY experts,will this work????

    I have made up my mind to do a 10 gallon algae refugium tank instead of a mini reef for now. This will be under the tank in the cabinet next to the sump.My sunp has a tall chamber that I have modified to be full of water with a waterfall type drain back into the pump chamber.This "tall chamber...
  19. mr . salty

    Unicorn Tang???

    Anyone know anything about this fish???