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  1. merredeth

    LFS Closed, Some Items I Need 2 Sell

    Hi. Unfortunately, my LFS has closed its doors and had an one of those jokers come and sell off his items. Things were selling at ridiculous prices. I'm selling things on the great bidders & sellers site under the same name I use here, but wanted to see if anyone wanted to buy the following test...
  2. merredeth

    Greatest Auction of All Time About to Happen

    I have approximately 75 - 80 pounds of live rock for sale and am presently storing it in my garage as my LFS has went out of business, in addition to about 20K worth of saltwater, freshwater, dog, cat and reptile products. I need to get rid of EVERYTHING. We decided before his auction to store...
  3. merredeth

    North Central IA Listing

    Lots of supplies, way too many to mention but just about anything you are looking for is probably laying around waiting for a taker. Anything from extra test kits, chemicals, and even a few extra tanks. For more information contact Chad at (515) 573-2284. I will be away on vacation and won't...
  4. merredeth

    Effervescent Tablets Clean Aquarium Parts VERY Well!

    Well, for years I have been using denture effervescent tablets to clean anything and everything small. Vases - stick a couple in it with hot water and all the gunk from old flowers disintergrates with the power of the effervescence and is washed away easily. What coffee stains in my mugs? An...
  5. merredeth

    Flame Angel & Coral Beauty

    I have a huge problem and hope someone can help out here. For many months I had a Coral Beauty with a Purple Firefish and a Humu in one tank. They got a long great and never had a problem for many, many months. About a week ago the Humu ended up getting stuck in a rock. After getting him out...
  6. merredeth

    Winter Vacation Preparations

    Here is an excellent article for those that like to take winter vacations. I found it on Fenner's website. I thought I would add this to the threads as there are plenty of people that are thinking it is time to get ready for vacation...
  7. merredeth

    Mandarin Lost Tail Fins

    Hi. About a month ago ago I ended up with a mandarin from my LFS' personal tank. It is a beautiful one with great markings. However, this damn strawberry pseudochromis ended up picking on the mandarin and he lost the back fins. I immediately relocated the strawberry pseudochromis by donating...
  8. merredeth

    Cups of Salt = Salinity

    I'm curious to know what brand of salt you use and to make your water up how much of a cup of salt, per gallon each person is using to arrive at their desired SG and salinity. The reason I am asking this is I have had to vary the amounts of salt each time I make it to maintain a consistent...
  9. merredeth

    Sea Apple Picture As Requested

    Here is a picture of the sea appple that several people asked me about. Sorry, I'm a bad photographer. I need to learn how to get the colors right. He moved and is literally balancing on a single piece of rock - again. He loves to move around on me. Denise M.
  10. merredeth

    Anyone Use Aquatic Gardens Salt?

    Does anyone use the Aquatic Gardens salt they sell as *****'s own brand? Just wondering if anyone knows how it tests out. Thanks, Denise M.
  11. merredeth

    Ocell Help Please!

    I have had an Ocell Clown for about seven months and have had no problems with him in the tank. Tonight after eating I noticed that the lower abdomen is bloated (I'm thinking because he was such a hog at dinner) and now he is swimming very erratic. Could it be constipation? He is excreting...
  12. merredeth

    Orange Correline Algae Needed

    Well, I got some GREAT carribean rock form my LFS the other day and it had some super lookingorange correline algae on it. He only purchased 50 pounds of it because it was a new supplier that was going to charge him the same price as he pays for fiji. So, he purchased 50 pounds out to check out...
  13. merredeth

    Anyone from Northern IA?

    Hi. I'm looking to get some frags and live in northern IA. Is there anyone other than myself here in IA? I don't think I've seen anyone from IA in months. Thanks, Denise M.
  14. merredeth

    What looks like Pencil lead in the tank?

    Okay, here is one for all of you. I was looking at one of my tanks this morning as I'm checking on a shrimp that is stuck in one of the live rocks and saw a couple of these long, pointy brown colored spike shaped things in one of my tanks. A few months ago I found one and took it out. Today, I...
  15. merredeth

    Mydor Reef & Marine All-in-One Complex

    Has anyone had any experiences (good and/or bad) with Mydor's Reef & Marine All-in-One Complex? Here is what I have found out about it: USAGE: Add 2-4 level caps (approx. 10-20mL) per 50 gallons, 1-2 times per week as a broad-spectrum total-supplement of over 60 components of sea water...
  16. merredeth

    Never Assume MIA Fish Are Dead

    Now, here's a story that should be a learning lesson for all of us. It sure was a reminder for me based on so many stories I read here on the forum. I'm setting up another tank over December as a gift for my mother-in-law for a Christmas gift. When I told her this was the gift I was giving her...
  17. merredeth

    Freezing LR Kill Bubble Algae?

    My LFS had some great shapes of live rock that had bubble algae on it. The shapes were great for some caves that I wanted to build. He was going to throw it out since one tank of his got some bubble algae that a couple of Foxfaces just couldn't keep up with. I don't generally take things home...
  18. merredeth

    Regal Angelfish Anyone Have?

    I'm thinking of adding a Regal Angelfish my LFS has in his store. I know the differing diet requirements and the slow acclimation time this fish requires. The fish is beautiful and is known to be difficult to keep. However, I'm thinking of taking the risk and taking this baby off the hands of...
  19. merredeth

    Unicorn Tang? Ever Heard of?

    Has anyone ever heard of a Unicorn Tang? The great auction website had one and I never heard of it. Has anyone ever had one or do they have one? Thanks a lot, Denise M.
  20. merredeth

    WTB: UV Sterlizer

    Looking for a UV Sterilizer. I'm open to brands and models. This sterlizer will need to be able to be used to a 55 gallon aquarium I'm putting in my daughter's room. Thanks for getting back with me. Denise M.