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  1. drysummer

    Coral ID

    Can anyone tell me what this is. Polyps are a greenish yellow
  2. drysummer

    Lionfish Ate A Clam Shell, Now What?

    Like The Title Says, My Lionfish Ate A Clam Shell Intended For My Puffer. I Can See The Outline Of It In His Stomach, What Will Happen To Him? Can He Somehow Digest This? Will This Kill Him? What If Anything Can I Do? I Have Had Him For Quite A While, And Would Hate To See Him Die.
  3. drysummer

    Lionfish Ate Clam; Now What????

    Yesterday when I was feeding my puffer some clams, my lionfish got to it before the puffer did, and ate it. I was completely surprised. I thought he was going to choke, however after a while he managed to get it down. My question is what will happen to him? Will he be able to digest a clam...
  4. drysummer

    Quick Ick question for experts!!!

    I have some of my Tangs showing signs of Ick. Can I do hypo in my tank? It is FOWLR. I really only use the live rock for looks, and what biological filtration it adds. My main filtration is a fuge with livesand and caulerpa, along with a wet/dry sump with bioballs. The system has been...
  5. drysummer

    Free Grape Caulerpa Dfw Area, Texas

    I have a 60 gal. refug. filled with grape caulerpa. I am just throwing away bunches full every couple of days. If anyone is in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area that would like some, just let me know. If you can pick it up it's yours.