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  1. adee

    My corals are mad now :(

    They have always looked awesome, as a matter of fact i posted recently that even up to water change day they look amazing, everything nice and open, exc... WELL i asked my LFS what i can do to help make them grow, multiply, exc in addition to good lights, ideal water, exc and he suggested this...
  2. adee

    help iding "weird" 6-line wrasse?

    Ive been told its something "special" I was just curious what it really is??
  3. adee

    Starfish with tissue coming from back/top?

    Any idea what it can be? Nothing in the tank has been picking on it, parameters are fine, just got it Sunday.
  4. adee

    BTA with no bubble tips?

    It looks more like a regular anemone instead of a BTA... my parameters are fine, nothing its bothering it, lighting is fresh (new bulbs a few weeks ago) it has no interest in moving, has been planted in the same place for almost two months, for sure growing.. what gives?
  5. adee

    Why on water change day do they look best?

    Why is it around times I need to do water changes do my corals look healthiest? The mushrooms are at their biggest in diameter, zoos all open and pretty, exc... Are we changing water too frequently? (Approx twice a month) parameters look pretty good (usually just a little nitrate everything else...
  6. adee

    6line spinning web?

    I know it sounds insane but can a sixline cover itself in a web like material? It seemed safely wrapped in something like that this morning, once a turned the lights on it shook itself out of it and has been swimming normally since, I've never seen it before!!
  7. adee

    Two clowns, different colors... Same type?

    So, I have had my clown a year or so and it's pretty big and very vibrant, my sister was breaking down my nieces tank and decided to gift us her clown and a few damsels (damsels went into the empty sw tank in my kids room, it's been running with just cuc, water and rock for a few weeks) I was...
  8. adee

    Mad toadstool

    We got this toadstool about a week ago and it had a tiny bit of rubble attached, it if course let go of it and we rubber banded it to some live rock... It's kinda choked off midstem and it hasn't come out much... Is it okay and just needs to get used to its new spot? It's only been there...
  9. adee

    Good or bad snail?

  10. adee

    Feeding sea hare so it doesn't starve?

    I do not have one yet but have been told by my lfs that it would be great to have in my 54... I've read a bit about them and wonder, if there is no more algae in the tank to eat how do you keep it from starving? Can you hang sheets of algae in the tank?
  11. adee

    GPS isn't doing anything

    I got it yesterday and it hasn't opened at.all. What's going on? is it typical to take a day or so to open? Do they sleep at night and perhaps that's the issue? I took this pic this morning, the lights had only been on for a few minutes
  12. adee

    Id please, something near zoas

    It looks like a fan of some sort.... What is it?!
  13. adee

    How long does it take mushrooms to multiply?

    We have a somewhat newish tank, 54 gallons a ocellaris, bullet head goby, a decent size cuc, bubble tip anenome (which is fed often) and multiple mushrooms.. They are HUGE and do really weel, our tank parameters are pretty close to flawless I'm just wondering how many months/years it takes for...
  14. adee

    zoo med aquatic timer/powerstrip wont do anything...

    Its supposed to be a timer to turn lights on and off, weve done everything according to the instructions but the dial itself isnt moving, it isnt a true timer.. has anyone else had this problem? am i missing some kind of critical step? I kinda would like this thing to turn the lights on and off...
  15. adee

    "re" cycling an established tank with new water? no longer considered estabilished?

    [hr] Okay so 56gal corner, established tank gets completely gutted except sand, sump does not get stripped, water, filter, exc remains. Tank is moved, filled with new water but same rock, sand, exc. No fish are moved with the tank (condensing tanks) does that tank need to be re-cycled again...
  16. adee

    what are the various lighting options for the fluval edge? MY LIGHTS BURNED OUT WITH CORALS INSIDE!

    What do I do in terms of lighting for my fluval edge? The light fixture just randomly went out, is there something I can diy or purchase a new light for it? I need a FAST fix! I also need the lighting to at least be able to support loads of zoos....
  17. adee

    new fluval edge lights..

    would it be enough for zoos and mushrooms?
  18. adee

    can corals and seahorses be mix?

    Thats the question!! Can they?
  19. adee

    using stock filters

    should we use them? Is it better to replace with filter floss? Do you use ANY of whats given? (carbon, exC)
  20. adee

    proper lighting for fluval spec (2 gal)

    can this tank even be used as a nano and if so what kind of lighting would be required? is there something superior in the same price range? thanks!!