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    Is my coral dying??

    I bought this yesterday and in the store it seemed fine. Once I got home it stopped opening and half of the “branches” are green and some are brown. Idk if it’s dying or growing. Side note: when I got home I noticed a tiny starfish in it. Not sure if that could be a problem as well.
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    Can a Hawkfish and Goby+Pistol Shrimp live together?

    Hello. My reef tank has began cycling and I'm researching which fish can live together (Out of a list of reef-compatible fish that i mentioned on another thread.) Recently, I came across many colorful hawkfish and I'd like to own one. However, I hear that they can live in a reef tank, but with...
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    Made a mistake setting up my new aquarium

    Hi all. I just got my first tank set up yesterday. However, after doing more reading today, I may have made an error. I added the live sand to the tank, then added my tap water, and then added the salt concentrate, and mixed it all in the aquarium. Did I accidentally kill the live sand? No fish...