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  1. J

    Is this ich?

    Today I noticed some white spots on my clownfish and think it might be ich. Can anyone tell me what they think it is and what I should do about it? Any help is appreciated. Sorry the pics aren’t the best
  2. R

    Hammer coral looks weak

    the smaller head on my hammer coral looks really weak and is not improving no matter what I do. I have tried increasing calcium doses and water changes. Any help help to get it better would be much appreciated.
  3. sptfyre51

    Sick Foxface: Please help identify and treat

    I added a rabbitfish to my 150 gallon FOWL tank a couple of days ago. I didn't notice it the first day, but the second day I saw it had a pink lump on its mouth. Can someone help me identify it as well as know how to best treat it? my water parameters are 0.0 ammonia, 0.0 nitrite and 0.0 nitrate...
  4. T

    Temperate shark fungal infection?

    I have a female horn shark in a large temperate aquarium system. Over the last week she started showing some light colors sores just behind her gills. They have worsened and now there are white splotches showing up on other parts of her. Is this fungal? Recommended treatment? She is isolated...
  5. C

    Blue Tang + what is this?

    We bought a Blue Tang today & when I got it home & under our tank light I noticed part of his black part in its back looks lighter almost faded. First time with a Blue Tang & don't know if this is normal or a sign it's sick. I have it in quanitine to be safe. I see no white spots so I don't...