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    Cloudy Water

    Hi, I have just started a saltwater fish tank, I am using Bali sand which I have rinsed through with about 30l of water. I have started adding my RO/DI water but the water is very cloudy, I have left it around 12 hours and it is still the same (photos attached) Is this normal or do I need to...
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    Finnex T5 H/O 4x54watt with LED "moon lighting". Anyone remember how much this was, new?

    Hey all! Regrettably, I've decided to finally sell my most cherished possession: my custom-wired Finnex T5 High Output lighting hood for my "future aquarium". I'll be moving to a tiny apartment and won't have room to store it, and considering it's been 10 years since I bought it and only used it...
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    First Saltwater Tank !HELP!

    I'm 17 and starting my first Saltwater tank. I've had goldfish and tropical tanks before. Now I'm trying something different! I have a 55 gal and need help with a couple questions. What fish are compatible? Anyone have a list of fish that would work well and how many? I'm interested in having...
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    2 days ago I checked my levels and the ammonia level was fine. Yesterday I bought 2 clowns, a wrasse, a royal gamma, pincushion urchin, and a cleaner shrimp. Today when I woke up the wrasse was dead and all the other fish were dying slowly. I checked the levels and my ammonia had spiked...