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  1. F

    55 gallon tank

    Hello Im starting a 55 gallon tank not sure about it being a reef or not so i want to go with reef safe fish or reef safe with caution there are a lot of fish i like and i have a list can you guys help me pick a stocking list Flame Angel Coral Beauty Angelfish Kole Yellow Eye Tang Yellow Tang...
  2. F

    First Saltwater Tank !HELP!

    I'm 17 and starting my first Saltwater tank. I've had goldfish and tropical tanks before. Now I'm trying something different! I have a 55 gal and need help with a couple questions. What fish are compatible? Anyone have a list of fish that would work well and how many? I'm interested in having...
  3. J

    Help Needed!

    So I am fairly new to saltwater aquarium. Some information about my setup before questions sorry it’s alittle lengthy. I received a 36 gallon bowfront with rock unknown pounds but four pieces and several snails/crabs last summer from a friend that only had from online purchase for 6 weeks...
  4. K

    Clownfish hosted with Shrimp???

    so, i am brand new to the hobby, meaning yesterday i got my first fish... however, my tank cycled for two months and everything is perfect. I also have been studying for about two years so i know what i'm getting myself into. However, I didn't know that my clown fish would pair up with my...
  5. W

    New SW Aquarium Tank Setup

    Hey guys, I have a 45 gallon aquarium that I want to turn into a SW aquarium. I want to do a fish only aquarium. Keeping it simple, but something cool for my son. When it comes to filtering a 45 gallon, fish only, SW aquarium, what do you recommend for filtering? I see so many different...
  6. fishlover0815

    Sand storms

    i have my tank up and ready, but the sand storm is still everywhere... But at this time is it bad to run the filter, pump and skimmer? I just don't want the good bacteria to die because of low oxygen(I have my heater on)
  7. M

    Made a mistake setting up my new aquarium

    Hi all. I just got my first tank set up yesterday. However, after doing more reading today, I may have made an error. I added the live sand to the tank, then added my tap water, and then added the salt concentrate, and mixed it all in the aquarium. Did I accidentally kill the live sand? No fish...