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  1. S

    Cloudy Water

    Hi, I have just started a saltwater fish tank, I am using Bali sand which I have rinsed through with about 30l of water. I have started adding my RO/DI water but the water is very cloudy, I have left it around 12 hours and it is still the same (photos attached) Is this normal or do I need to...
  2. Luanne


    I have been working on upgrading to a bigger tank. Added my first fish yesterday and he is still alive this morning. So I will add another one today. Gosh I hate catching them and moving them. I get a bit worked up doing that
  3. P

    Native northeast tank

    i would like to set up a native northeast saltwater tank.. I'd like small local fish as well as crabs and sand and mud....... I'm in info collection mode... I'd like a 75-90 gallon tank..... I'm looking into required filtration..... I'm worried about flooding my basement, so what type of filter...