“White” BTA won’t grow.

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I’ve had it now 8 months. Sebae maybe, heck don’t even know anymore. Had one split.

Doesn’t really get any bigger. Clowns play with it, but really, it’s small for them.

I used to try to feed them, but the food just flows away. Mostly brine shrimp as too small for small fish.

Thought of buying more. Mainly because these are boring.

They were mostly white when I got them. Can’t remember if they ever had purple tips.

Thought often of getting a much bigger one at the LFS next couple days, more colorful too.

I have a 75gal, two Penguin 350s, UV filter and fans. No other real issues except diatoms, which with a cut down of feeding and purigen, they are better. Pretty basic. Does get great light and flow.



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If the anemone is white it is bleached and likely slowly dying. The fact that it won’t feed is another bad sign. This usually is a result of not enough light. What kind of lighting do you have on your tank?