1 clown 2 anenomes

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I have 1 Clown and 2 Bubble Tip Anemones . The Clown keeps going back and forth between them all the time all day long !!! . I thought it would pick one and leave the other alone most of the time . I just started keeping anemones so this is all new .


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Hopefully you have adequate conditions, like lighting, to keep anemones. If the anemones are small, the clown behavior may be a blessing as clowns can pester an anemone to death.
Yes I have good lighting , had just got done upgrading my system for this awhile back and just by chance a fish store was going out of business and had everything marked way down . I got the 2 anemones for $35 each and they were the size of my fist !!! Normal price was $125 . Thanks for your reply .


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Probably better to stick with one. The one you have is likely a female. If you introduce another there will be fights.
Beth you might explain a little more . And please understand I hope I did not sound upset or anything I really would like any advise you or anyone can give me .


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Not all anemones are compatible with all clowns, and certain clownfish are more compatible if they stick with the species of anemone that they are most associated with in the wild. I provided a link as a guide to that. It's too late to consider that now, since you already have the animals, but it's good to know in the future, and perhaps your clown is compatible with it's anemone or will, at least, accept it.

The bigger problem will be the clown harassing the anemone to death. A less likely scenario with a larger anemone.
Gotcha ! I guess I lucked out then that the anemones were so big . The clown when its with each anemone it is gentle with them if that means anything . I seen it once after feeding the other fish in my tank take a piece of shrimp back to a anemone . In the early morning it seems to rotate who it sleeps , but there is one that it seems to stay with more . I have heard lots of stories about clowns being slow or not bonding at all that's why I was surprised mine seemed to do it so quick .