210 Stocking suggestion

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Ok, so I upgraded to a 210 gal FOWLR, I have move my 3” Huma Huma my 2” Bangai Cardinal and a 4” Blue Hipo Tang over I have also added a 12” Zebra Eel a 4” Flame Angel and a 4” Yellow belly Dogface Puffer. I was thinking of getting a Volitan Lion fish any thoughts? Any suggestions of what might work with what I’ve got?


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My concern would be the ultimate size of the volition and it’s corresponding mouth size. Lions will eat anything they can get into their mouth. Volitans get huge and so do their mouths. You might consider a dwarf lion. Just as beautiful but smaller mouth.

Here’s a pic of a fuzzy dwarf


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The fu manchu lion is my favorite. I hear they can be hard to get eating which has always kept me from getting one. Some day I will.

So, I thought about your comments regarding the Volitan Lionfish and I agree. With that in mind I added a 4” Fuzy Dwarf Lionfish and in a wild fit of impulse buying got a 5” Miniatus Grouper. Both are in quarantine and should be moving into the big tank in 3-5 weeks. The Grouper is eating anything you put in with him (frozen Krill, Silversides and Clams and Freeze dried Krill) but so far the Lionfish has only had the frozen krill. Please any thoughts or comments I’m a wee bit concerned about my levels with so many carnivores in one tank