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  1. That does sound pretty daunting. But hey, some things take time. I'm sure you'll find enough wiggle room to get it done, even if it means waiting a while.

  2. snakeblitz33

    snakeblitz33 Well-Known Member

    Im at a crossroads in my life, yet again. We will see how it turns out soon.
  3. snakeblitz33

    snakeblitz33 Well-Known Member

    I admit, I have not tested or dosed my tank for the last two weeks.

    Calcium was at 340, alkalinity was at 5dKH. Low, low, low.

    I dosed and got it back up where it needs to be. I guess I am a lazy reefer. I need lazy reefer tools.
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  4. snakeblitz33

    snakeblitz33 Well-Known Member

    Seems like when one thing is fixed, another thing breaks. lol. that is the life of a hobbyist.

    I really need to change my filter out and do a water change. I have a problem right now with a little patch of hair algae. I'm considering running a tiny bit of GFO in a bag to help, and maybe get a turbo snail on loan.
  5. Everything likes to take its turn breaking sometime.

    I'm all for snail-related solutions, personally. Though I guess it depends on whether you'll actually need it.

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