700g tank stocking level

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Yes I am taking a deep dive back into the hobby! I will be custom making a approx 700g tank measurement 7’ Long’s 3’ deep and 4 1/2 feet high. It will have a 120g sump with wet/dry and protein skimmers, A+ lighting.

I want to focus on the fish so it w/b semi reef in that it will have live sand and rock as well as mushrooms, polyps, bubble anemones (for the clowns of course!), carpet aneniome lots of clean up crews.

HEres the question....fish stock: Keeping in mind adult sizes for these fish, I’m thinking about the following stocking level: 1 of each- Emperor, Scribble and majestic and flame angel’s, 1 each Yellow, Naso, hippo and powder blue tangs, 3 pairs of clown fish, 8 chromis damsels, 1flamehawk, &1 royal gramma. Let me know what you think. SO exciting! Thanks! Flamehawk


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I think the load will be fine. The biggest issue may be possible aggression.
Your three pairs of clowns. Are you thinking 3 different species which I think has a likelihood of failure. If you are thinking of the same species you are best starting with 6-8 very small ones and letting them sort things out themselves.
Obviously add least aggressive first. I have no experience with large angels. The tangs is probably do yellow and naso first then hippo then powder blue. After an appropriate QT. Before any tangs or angels I’d add the small fish and let them get adjusted first. I am not a fan of chromis because of the frequency that they come in with uronema marinum which. With proper QT and treatment they are fine. I like the Caribbean blue reef chromes. I keep thinking I’ll try some.


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Thx. Agree on clownfish and they will be all ocellaris but different patterns. AS far as aggression..the emperor is probably the most aggressive of all so he’ll go in last and yes all smaller fish in first. I’ve never tried getting 3 or more yellows and/or 3 hippo’s to decrease the aggression but some have and say it works. Will probably stick to above however.....thx again!