75 Gallon Stocking List / Ideas

Discussion in 'Fish Only Tanks' started by Billswin99, Aug 12, 2017 at 6:08 PM.

  1. Billswin99

    Billswin99 New Member

    Got a 75 Gallon set up and cycling 48" x 21" x 18"

    Have a few fish I really like but not sure if they will work together. Also going to have a clean up crew with snails and crabs maybe a shrimp or two.

    Yellow Tang
    Coral Beauty Angelfish
    Clown is 1 or 2 recommended?
    Royal Gramma
    Raccoon Butterflyfish or One spotted Fox Face
    Blue Green reef Chromus - was thinking 3? want a schooling fish if possible
    Blue Spotted Puffer (heard they don't mess with the cleaners if kept full?)

    These are the fish I like the most, any help if appreciated. If you have any recommendations I am all ears.
  2. lmforbis

    lmforbis Administrator Staff Member

    Chromis will pick each other off and you will soon have one. There really aren't any saltwater fish who will school in a small aquarium.
    Butterflies are beautiful but can sometimes be difficult toe get eating. If you ever want coral you do t want a butterfly.
    I'd only do one clown but to I'll work if they are the same species and are both very small when you get them.
    Grandmas are one of my favorites. I've never been successful wit them but many others have.
    I don't know much about puffers, have never owned one.
  3. jay0705

    jay0705 Administrator Staff Member

    I agree with the above. If purchased together 2 clowns will be fine. I have 2 grammas ( different) tanks there great fish. The puffer is 50 50. If get a small one w established shrimp maybe. Shrimp are a big part of there diet tho

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