Accidental Coral. Major “oh it’s pretty” moment

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i was at my local pet store picking up salt, filter media etc. I made the mistake of looking at the fish. I saw what I thought was a really cool plant and I have been having issues with high phosphates so I though adding plants would be a good thing. Told the associate that I wanted that plant. He said ok had another associate bag it up for me. I paid and was on my way home. Googled how I should acclimate my new plant only to discover it was a coral. I know, stupid mistake. I purchased a purple sea whip. Now I only have a FOWLR tank and I’m so not ready to be a coral mom. Still trying to get the tank back in order after not having it for 8+ months. Because of 4’ of water in my previous apartment, thanks to Harvey, my tank was at a friends house. I’m down to two clown fish, a feather duster, a pistol shrimp and my cuc and now a sea whip. I added a power head for more flow and it seems to like the strong flow from two different directions. All polyps are extended. I have no idea how to take care of this thing and google has such conflicting info. I need help. I do t want it to die. What do I do?? Lol. Thanks in advance for any and all help.
This is my light. I have had the feather duster for about 6 months. He’s open all the time and is enjoying the extra flow.
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You could also take it back to the fish store since it doesn't seem like you really wanted to go with a coral.
Lfs doesn’t do returns on anything saltwater. So far it’s doing good. I added more flow and so far it seems happy. All polyps are extended and I target feed it every other day.