Algae mainly on glass...

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When I took over a fairly established 65 gallon it had a huge algae problem, especially bubble algae and dirty sand everywhere. Some changes I have made are getting a clean up crew in, weekly water changes and carbon dosing. Maybe the first week or so there was almost no algae anywhere. The past couple weeks though there has been a lot of green algae building up on the glass by the end of the day - in the morning it is nearly all cleared by the clean up crew. The sand stays pretty clean and the rocks and what not seem OK too. Is this a problem? Should I be scraping the walls more often (I just do it weekly with water changes) or is it actually a good thing cause its keeping my clean up crew well fed?
- pp
I'll keep an eye on it. I have a new magnet scrubber with blade coming on Monday and plan to wipe down the walls in the morning to take away any residual left behind. The tank doesn't get any direct sunlight at all and not really much indirect sunlight either. The exposed live rock looks clean of algae, as does the middle of my leather that had some on it until the larger of the two emerald crabs decided to make the center his home.
I recently got a flipper magnetic scraper which has completely removed all traces of the really stuck on algae from the 3 display sides. I left the back alone and interestingly the past two nights the snails all accumulate on the back wall! Glad they still have their meal and maybe they will be more efficient at cleaning now :)